Microsoft-Yahoo failure is Google's first Washington win

Owen Thomas · 05/03/08 07:30PM

Microsoft's bid for Yahoo may have been dropped at a meeting in Washington state, but it was lost in Washington, D.C. Google's first word on the prospective deal, from top lawyer David Drummond, was of the cominbation's monopoly in email and instant messaging. That proved the last word, too. By making Yahoo fearful of regulatory scrutiny, Drummond and his lobbyists were able to put steel in Jerry Yang and David Filo's backbones to hold out for a higher price, and demand other conditions besides. The notion that Microsoft might pursue a Yahoo bid and have it nixed, leaving Yahoo incurably weakened, may give Yang and Filo some protection from inevitable shareholder lawsuits. But Google, by keeping Yahoo out of Microsoft's hands, is the real winner.

Google gets EU blessing to buy DoubleClick, lobby against Microsoft-Yahoo

Nicholas Carlson · 03/06/08 11:06AM

European antitrust regulators will approve Google's $3.1 billion DoubleClick acquisition later this week, the Financial Times reports. Expect Google's top lawyer David Drummond to soon turn up the heat on Microsoft-Yahoo. Before the EU finally approved Google-DoubleClick, Drummond had reason to stay relatively quiet as the new company formed by Microsoft-Yahoo would obviously create real competition for Google. But with EU approval in hand, that incentive is finished. Last fall, Google CEO Eric Schmidt credited Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with slowing down Google-DoubleClick in Washington and abroad. Think he isn't eager to set his own suits on the attack?

Google provides "innovation" to the GOP, hides head in shame

Jordan Golson · 02/18/08 06:00PM

The Republican National Convention has released a press release touting Google as the "Official Innovation Provider" to the 2008 Convention. Google will "enhance the GOP's online presence with new applications, search tools, and interactive video. In addition, Google will help generate buzz and excitement in advance of the convention through its proven online marketing techniques." I can only imagine the childlike joy that Google will bring to delegates.

Does your VC have a Democrat in his pocket?

Nicholas Carlson · 01/23/08 05:20PM

Senator Clinton polls higher than Senator Obama in Santa Clara County, 43 percent to 27 percent, a Clinton campaign staffer told the Wall Street Journal. But we know what really counts in Silicon Valley: money. And when it comes to raising cash, Barack Obama's winning over the tech crowd. He raised about $500,000 just last weekend at a breakfast in Atherton. Wondering who was there? Here's a list of known Silicon Valley supporters for each candidate.

Google's top lawyer pays SEC fine

Owen Thomas · 07/20/07 11:09AM

Google likes to push the edge of the law whenever it can. That, of course, makes David Drummond the perfect man to serve as its chief legal officer. He's just settled accusations that, as chief financial officer of SkillSoft, he allowed the company to book revenue improperly. He'll pay a $125,000 fine and forfeit $574,000 in gains. Drummond, naturally, has neither admitted nor denied culpability. Which is a bit like his employer saying, "Don't be evil. But don't not be, either."