David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Are Engaged

Maureen O'Connor · 08/17/11 02:55PM

Apparently David Cross and Amber Tamblyn are together? And have been, since 2009? And plan to stay that way, for the rest of their lives? Life & Style reports that the 47-year-old Arrested Development actor and 28-year-old Traveling Pants enthusiast have been engaged "for weeks." Congratulations to happy stealth couple! [L&S, images via Getty]

Mickey Rourke Is Going Gay?

Richard Lawson · 07/19/10 03:08PM

He might, he just might be. Also today: Good news about a promising sitcom, Daniel Radcliffe is going to get the pants scared off him (not literally), Grey's Anatomy welcomes a new hunk, and the Glee guy is very rich.

Mr Show - Pre Taped Call In Show

Matt Leary · 04/24/10 12:30PM

This sketch comes from season 3 of consistently butt-gusting Mr. Show. David Cross has seemed to master the art of the comedic nervous breakdown and the old guy sitting next to him mastered the art of being emotionless and elderly.

Mr. Show: Everest

Matt Leary · 03/13/10 01:30PM

This Mr. Show sketch is slapstick perfection. It comes from season 4 and stars Jay Johnston, who you may recognize from The Sarah Silverman Program. Repetition is a pretty classic comedic device that when donewrong can be torturous.

David Cross on Heaven and Squagels

Zach Mack · 02/13/10 09:00PM

David Cross is notorious for rants, whether it's against Fox executives or religion. His anger is our hilarious pleasure. Watch him slam his home town of Atlanta for their questionable journalism and Cosi for their misshapen breakfasts.

David Cross on Ordering Pizza

Zach Mack · 01/28/10 09:00PM

David Cross points out that when it comes down to it, ordering a pizza can get pretty difficult at times. Now who wants extra sun dollops?

David Cross on McDonalds

Zach Mack · 01/19/10 09:00PM

Most of you probably already know David Cross for his role as the world's first analrapist, Tobias Fünke on Arrested Development. In this stand-up bit he discusses McDonald's gung ho advertising tactics, making money and his non-existent drinking problem.

Mr. Show - My Father Touched My Butthole

Matt Leary · 11/28/09 01:30PM

Mr. Show premiered in 1995 on HBO and starred David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, two current bigwigs in the alternative comedy scene. For those of you who have never experienced Mr. Show, this is a great way to start.

Comedian Will Teach Obama to Be All, 'Don't Do Coke'

Hamilton Nolan · 10/23/09 10:12AM

Edgy comedian David Cross: Just how edgy is he? Edgy as a knife (double-edged). Sniffing coke while sitting near the President of the USA. That's what David Cross did, says David Cross.