Successful Street Artist Talks About How He Maybe Raped His Masseuse

Adam Weinstein · 04/18/14 03:17PM

A popular street artist who's rubbed elbows with Anthony Bourdain and graffitied the walls of Facebook's headquarters used his sex-talk podcast last month to describe a forceful sexual encounter with his massage therapist that sounded an awful lot like assault.

David Choe Just Made $200 Million For Painting Facebook Office with Erotic Art in 2005

Nell Jensen · 02/01/12 11:46PM

If then-President of Facebook Sean Parker had come to you in 2005, asked you to paint his new offices with a bunch of cocks, and then offered to pay you in either a few thousand dollars in cold hard cash or just the equivalent in company stock, you would probably have gone for the cash, right? Particularly if the company seemed on the whole sort of "pointless" to you, as it did to so many of us around then even though we were already becoming addicted to it? Fortunately for the painter, wild child graffiti artist David Choe, he picked the stock, which the New York Times points out is now about to be worth $200 million: