David Carr, Your Best Friend

Hamilton Nolan · 02/13/15 10:44AM

There are hundreds and hundreds of people out there who believe that, secretly, they were David Carr's favorite. And maybe we all were. He had the rare emotional capacity to make each of us his favorite, one by one by one.

The New York Times' Media Columnist Sits in a Bloomberg Chair

John Cook · 12/10/13 05:29PM

New York Times media columnist David Carr has a lot of friends. I'm one of them. I would generally agree that, as the Wire put it this morning, he is "well-loved and respected," and that his column is often "one of the most thoughtful and critical perspectives into journalism." Likewise with the Boston Globe's assessment that he is a "star." These encomia were delivered on the occasion of Carr's ascent to an endowed chair at Boston University's College of Communication, from which chair he will continue to cover the media beat in his weekly Times column. That chair is endowed to the tune of $1.66 million by the chairman of a media company that Carr purports to cover. There's probably a column in that.

Who's Left at the New York Times?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/13 02:54PM

The New York Times has long been considered the top of the media food chain, the final stop in a journalism career. No mas. In recent weeks, the Times has been leaking talent left and right. Who do they have left that they really need to hang on to?

How David Carr Became the Daddy of Girls

John Koblin · 03/18/13 10:04AM

Three years ago, New York Times media reporter and occult career-bender David Carr was taking a tour through South by Southwest and asked the festival's film person what movie he should see. She tipped him off to a movie called Tiny Furniture and he fell in love. He gave the movie and its creator/star, a 23-year-old woman named Lena Dunham, 1,000 words in the Times.

Twilight of the Media Critics

Hamilton Nolan · 08/25/11 11:47AM

Yesterday, the already-shrunken world of media reporting lost its two grandest figures: Jim Romenesko, the quiet man who singlehandedly set the agenda, like a front page editor for all media news (semi-retiring, by choice); and Slate's Jack Shafer—America's most consistently fearless press critic (laid off). Step back. Look around at the smoldering carnage of the media critic landscape. Who's left to carry the "harassing one's own industry colleagues" torch? A brief look, below.

In Defense of Shit Talking

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/11 01:44PM

New York Times media guy David Carr is in big trouble for going on Bill Maher's HBO show and making a joke about how Kansas, Missouri, and other "middle places" are "the dance of the low sloping foreheads." (That means "dumb," for anyone reading in Kansas or Missouri.)

NYT Media Reporter Is Dating CNBC Anchor

Hamilton Nolan · 06/15/11 02:00PM

In your weaponized Wednesday media column: Brian Stelter forms a media power couple, the NYT's Week in Review revamp approaches, Keith Olbermann's childishness cataloged, Lloyd Grove lurches drunkenly, and the NY Daily News gets new offices.

Michael Wolff's Analysis of NYT: They're Ugly

Hamilton Nolan · 06/13/11 02:18PM

In your misty Monday media column: Michael Wolff vs. David Carr continues, as does the HuffPo's hiring spree, as does the growth of the class action suit against HuffPo, Gay Talese gives the NYT props, Time magazine has an apocalyptic "brand image," and AMI is for sale.

Tina Brown Gives Exact Date That She Will Be Wrong

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/11 01:57PM

In your soaking Tuesday media column: Tina Brown goes out on a limb, journalists are set free in Libya, Dorothy Parvaz is still missing, Greta Van Susteren vs. Mediaite, and the media continue to consume and excrete itself, nonstop.

Page One: Can This New York Times Be Saved?

Richard Lawson · 05/04/11 09:46AM

Here's a trailer for Page One, a documentary by Andrew Rossi, who spent a year following the New York Times media desk and, in a bigger sense, chronicling the struggles of a newspaper in an internet age.

Financial Reporter Also an Avid Stock Trader

Hamilton Nolan · 10/18/10 02:54PM

In your maverick Monday media column: conflict scandal at Reuters, J-school is worthless, media reporter play their roles, E&P cans its editors, and smart stories make the most money online, allegedly.