David Brooks Is a Working Class Hero

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/16 08:25AM

David Brooks, the Mr. Rogers of the New York Times, has some penetrating thoughts about the “working-class parts of America,” on which he is a well-known expert.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/07/16 10:20AM

“If we talked as if people had souls, then we’d have a thick view of what is at stake in everyday activities,” writes David Brooks today. At this point he’s basically the nice old man with Alzheimer’s at church that everyone chooses to leave alone as long as he doesn’t hit anyone.

Neutral Observer David Brooks Has Noticed Hillary Is a Soviet Dictator

Tom Scocca · 07/14/15 01:54PM

David Brooks—a Yale instructor and New York Times columnist who can be found at the Aspen Ideas Festival—prefers to package himself as a reasonable thinker, but he has always been, to one degree or another, depending on the season, a dumb partisan hack. So now that he has finished enough philosophizing about the good life to fill a new book (and allusively air out his squalid midlife crisis), and now that there’s an election looming, it’s time to get back to partisan hackwork.

What Is This David Brooks Column About?

Adam Weinstein · 03/04/15 06:20PM

We are people, and people have lives. Lives involve losses. Losses of friends, of loved ones, of children, of parents. Everybody everywhere feels something about some loss sometime in this interconnected age; maybe even you feel things. Maybe then, also, you can explain what the hell David Brooks is on about in this column.

David Brooks Loves Cops

Leah Finnegan · 12/09/14 07:05PM

David Brooks, a man with a national newspaper platform upon which he can reflect and analyze events for potentially millions of readers, is using that rich platform to ruminate on the recent grand jury non-indictments in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, innocent men who were killed for no reason by police officers.

David Brooks Knows Some Guys

Hamilton Nolan · 11/14/14 09:57AM

Well-moisturized Republican David Brooks fancies himself a bit of a social scientist. Not really in the sense of like, doing science. More in the sense of "knowing some guys."

David Brooks’ Son Is a Gigantic Bro

J.K. Trotter · 10/09/14 10:42AM

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan caused a medium-sized stir on Wednesday after she scolded conservative op-ed columnist and believer in friendship David Brooks for not disclosing that his college-aged son had enlisted as a “lone soldier” in the Israeli army. On Brooks’ side, John Podhoretz, the son of former Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz, tweeted: “Everybody who thinks David Brooks has to ‘reveal’ his son, who’s 23, has joined the Israeli army can go fuck himself.”

David Brooks May Not Have Gotten Divorced After All

J.K. Trotter · 04/02/14 03:00PM

Back in November, the Washington Post reported that New York Times columnist David Brooks and his wife of 27 years, Sarah, were divorcing. The unsourced item, under the collective byline of the “Reliable Source” gossip column, rattled a certain portion of the Acela corridor: Here was a leading conservative pundit, a father of three who has blamed single mothers for the country’s “fraying social fabric,” dismantling his own marriage.

When Should You Care What David Brooks Thinks?

Tom Scocca · 02/07/14 04:44PM

Let's say your job is to make fun of David Brooks. Not your whole job, God forbid. Part of it, though. People expect you to make fun of David Brooks, and they ask you to do it, and you have been doing it for years, because the smugness and wrongness of David Brooks has seemed like an inexhaustible resource.