The Trolls, the Political Operative, and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pro-Bernie Facebook Groups

Brendan O'Connor · 04/26/16 03:15PM

Last night, a number of Facebook groups organized by Bernie Sanders supporters were briefly (and somewhat mysteriously) suspended, prompting suspicion that the Hillary Clinton-allied super PAC Correct the Record, which last week announced a $1 million anti-troll effort called “Barrier Breakers” had gone on the offensive. Facebook attributed the suspension to an automated policy gone awry.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/02/09 07:53AM

David Schwimmer turns 43 today. Sculptor Richard Serra is turning 70. Pat Buchanan is 71. Political author (and reformed right-winger) David Brock is 47. Nelly turns 35. Singer/songwriter k.d. lang is turning 48. Chris Walla, the guitarist from Death Cab for Cutie, is 34. Stefanie Powers, best known as Jennifer Hart from Hart to Hart, is 67. And Queen Sofía of Spain turns 71 today.

Inside the Media Matters, Clinton, Obama Love Triangle

Maggie · 11/16/07 05:20PM

There were three separate pieces today on "watchdog" website Media Matters complaining about how badly Barack Obama has been manhandled by the press. The first piece takes aim at Good Morning America, the New York Sun and The Politico. The second impugns CNN anchor and debate moderator Suzanne Malveaux, and the third takes a long mean look at by U.S. News & World Report editor David Gergen. Hey, Media Matters, why the crush on Obama?