Huge Price Hike For Atlantic Ads?

Ryan Tate · 03/27/08 04:11AM

Can't be right: "Atlantic owner David Bradley has nabbed Wired Publisher Jay Lauf as publisher of the culture and politics magazine... 'In the second half of 2007, we increased our ad prices by 390 percent,' said Atlantic President Justin Smith. 'I felt our ad pages were underpriced compared to some of our competitors.' So far this year, the Atlantic has slipped 12 percent in ad pages." [Post]

abalk · 08/06/07 04:13PM

How did Atlantic owner David Bradley lure writer Jeffrey Goldberg from the New Yorker? Charm, flattery, and ponies. Also, a ton of cash. [WP]

David Bradley To Form Suspiciously Gay Cadre Of Extremely Sadistic Super-Bloggers

Choire · 03/13/07 09:14AM

David G. Bradley, the owner of the Atlantic Monthly, today announced in the Washington Post that he seeks to "recruit a cadre of uber-experts to form what he calls the Atlantic Society, 'where we will find 300 of the smartest human beings across the main intellectual terrains we're likely to cover and to go out and ask them, would they be essayists for the Atlantic?'" And if they decline the opportunity, he slits their throats on the spot. We knew things were going to get deliciously freaky over there after they hired that perv Andrew Sullivan away from Time.

Trouble Brewing At The Atlantic Online?

Doree Shafrir · 03/09/07 03:20PM

We're hearing that David Bradley's long-in-the-works Atlantic website relaunch may be on the rocks. The relaunch was described to job-seekers about a month ago as a "sure thing" to launch by mid-April, with all hiring completed by mid-March, and a tipster who applied for one of the positions at Atlantic Online sends along the following email from the Atlantic's Recruiting department today: