cityfile · 11/03/09 10:25AM

David Bowie walking in SoHo ... Jude Law playing soccer with his kids downtown ... Halle Berry arriving at her hotel in Midtown ... Helena Christensen shopping in the meatpacking district with boyfriend Paul Banks ... Natalie Portman going to lunch with a friend ... Rihanna walking downtown ... Sienna Miller arriving for a matinee performance of After Miss Julie ... Hugh Jackman playing with his kids at the park ... Carlos Leon and daughter Lourdes hanging out in SoHo ... Michelle Williams walking around ... Josh Brolin leaving his hotel ... model Kara Young walking with her son downtown ... Carrie Underwood walking in Midtown ... and Fergie catching a flight at LaGuardia.

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 11/14/08 12:47PM

Vito Schnabel (son of Julian) and Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicolas) hosted Terence Koh's "Flowers for Baudelaire" exhibition on Wednesday night at Richard Avedon's former studio, where the unusual art was admired by the likes of Anna Wintour, Simon de Pury, Jeffrey Deitch, Allison Sarofim, Stella Schnabel, Olmo Schnabel, Lola Schnabel, Jacqueline Schnabel, Zac Posen, Ann Dexter-Jones, Nadine Johnson, Theodora Richards, Alexandra Richards, Byrdie Bell, Benjamin Cho, Cynthia Rowley, Salman Rushie, Lyor Cohen, Todd Eberle, Derek Blasberg, Genevieve Jones, Yvonne Force Villareal, Drena De Niro, Lisa Anastos, and Gilles Bensimon. [PMc, NYM, GoaG]

OMG! David Bowie Writes About His Favorite Bowie Songs!

ian spiegelman · 06/29/08 11:56AM

Today just got a whole lot more awesome as the coolest man alive, David Bowie, writes in the Mail on Sunday that he's putting together a CD compilation of his own favorite songs. Unlike the many "ChangesBowie" best-of CDs, this one is not full of his hits. Instead, he writes, "For this CD compilation I've selected 12 of my songs that I don't seem to tire of. Few of them are well known, but many of them are still sung at my concerts. Usually by me." He goes on to list them, and explains the process behind the creation of each one, after the jump.

Josh Hartnett stars as dot-com entrepreneur in "August"

Jackson West · 05/27/08 05:20PM

Hollywood's taking a stab at bringing sexy back to the world of the Valley in August, which posits Tom Sterling (Josh Hartnett) and brother Joshua (Adam Scott) as founders trying to keep their fictional Silicon Alley startup Razorfish Landshark afloat amidst 2001's dot-bomb. Androgynous rock legend David Bowie even has a cameo as an investor trying to wrest control of the company from the founders. Never have term sheets and board meetings been so exciting! More surprising? Andre Royo, best known for his gritty portrayal of the junkie with a heart of gold Bubbles on HBO's The Wire has a supporting role. And that, more than than the action-packed, fast-paced trailer, actually makes me want to see it.

Molly Friedman · 02/06/08 06:28PM

Only because it's slim pickins' on the Hollywood newsfront today do we bring you this semi-precious gem of a casting update. Sam Rockwell, whose Choke was one of the few successful sales at Sundance Snoozefest 08, will star in Moon, a sci-fi flick about a guy stranded on the moon for three years. Though Rockwell only offered up deets on the film after repeated inquiries about his Hanksian beard, he did manage to let loose this promising detail. The director is one Duncan Jones, whose aliases include "former ad exec," "Zowie Bowie," and "David Bowie's son." Jones's first and last directorial effort? A 28-minute short movie called Whistle in 2002. Hope that grizzly bear look is worth it, Sam! [MTV Movies Blog]

David Bowie

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:37PM

Dapper and pansexual, Bowie is an ever-evolving music icon. His wife is Iman.

The Crowd Turns Against Lindsay Lohan At BAM

Joshua Stein · 11/05/07 01:40PM

On Saturday night and deep into Sunday morning, the Brooklyn Academy of Music was filled with bedraggled, bedreadlocked and bewitched Brooklynites, drunk on bohemia and Bud Lite. They were there to pay homage to perhaps the greatest actress of our day: Lindsay Lohan, a woman who not only embodies that particular craft but is the freckled and flawed mascot of our time. Laurel Ptak and I were there too.

Is David Bowie Taking Over Manhattan?

Josh · 05/10/07 04:10PM

If you've been hearing a lot of David Bowie lately (and not just because your roommate is a big Aladdin Sane fan) you might have noticed his polished - presidential even - tone. He's shown himself to be a masterful organizer: his High line Festival, which kicked off yesterday, is THE festival of the year. He's proven himself an adept diplomat, talking his way out of a feud with a gruff Bobby DeNiro and negotiating through the tangle of neighborhood activists eager to protect the High Line. And now his populist streak is on full display. As the Observer reports, Bowie is opening up a burlesque house at former mafia hangout Little Charlie's Clam House. Like any good leader, Bowie first wooed the cultural aristocracy with screenings of underexposed Latin American films and is now making his appeal to the masses through a liberal display of tits and fishnets. Has the moment finally arrived? Is Bowie making his move? Is it time, that is, to turn and face the strange? —Josh

Alec Baldwin's Breakdown

Emily Gould · 04/26/07 09:20AM
  • "If I never acted again I couldn't care less," Alec Baldwin reportedly said while taping an episode of the View that will air Friday. He also said that he wanted to quit 30 Rock. Whee! [AP]

Media Mole Rodeo: Glory Days of 'SNL' Pages

Chris Mohney · 12/14/06 10:50AM

The Media Mole Rodeo is fast reaching the final rounds, but we still want your precious, precious anecdotes. Send your worm's-eye NYC media stories to mole@gawker.com for a chance at free beverages — with alcohol! — to be enjoyed in the company of bitter Gawker types and the relentlessly upbeat Paula Froelich of Page Six. This morning's missive is another look at the NBC page program, specifically at Saturday Night Live. Prepare yourself for a very imbalanced ratio of minor-key interesting reminiscence versus goopy nostalgia and coming-of-age treacle. You be the judge if the nip slip cancels out the Tangerine Dream, but at least there's drugs.

Adventures in 'NYT' Photo Editing

Jesse · 03/16/06 09:35AM

We're trying to decide if we think the Times website is showing us Bowie's left nut today. We think it is. Your call?

Soho House NY

Gawker · 12/19/02 02:04PM

Speaking of exclusive dinner clubs, London's Soho Housewhere Jude Law's baby tried ecstacy for the first time (a heartwarming moment for all)is opening a New York branch. We're guessing that the slated location will be somewhere around... 29-35 9th Avenue. David Bowie was reportedly in charge of last week's committee meeting to iron out the details and begin the process of deciding who is and is not worthy of membership. We're looking forward to it. What with junior mobsters and Eurotrash infiltrating Lotus and Bungalow 8, there are so few places left in Manhattan where one can feel truly superior to one's peers.
Soho House NY