David Arquette Explains His Run-In with the Westboro Baptists on Watch What Happens Live

Matt Toder · 02/14/12 12:34AM

On tonight's Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Cougar Town Executive Producer David Arquette, who is quite the character. Within a half hour of slightly unhinged chuckling, Arquette explained a run-in that he had with some folks from the Westboro Baptist Church while they were picketing the Super Bowl. They made sure to damn him to Hell but considering their mixed up ideology, that might not be such a bad thing.

Tom Cruise Discovers Himself During 10-Hour Sessions on Dance Floor

Maureen O'Connor · 11/09/11 11:38AM

Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages dance training was a revelation. Dr. Conrad Murray is on suicide watch. Amber Rose says Kim Kardashian totally banged Kanye. Pregnant Jessica Simpson "crave[s] cantaloupe like a crazy person." Tuesday gossip can't control its urges.

Celebrity Halloween Costume Time Has Begun

Lauri Apple · 10/30/11 04:38PM

The celebrities have begun trickling out of their castles, mansions, and forest lairs to host or hit up Halloween parties, collect their high-calorie holiday booty, and inspire jealousy-driven shut-ins like us to mock their outfits.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette Are Still Doing It

Richard Lawson · 10/11/11 05:11PM

The Scream couple are working in Hollywood together. Also today: Lifetime remakes a modern Southern classic, some exciting Game of Thrones news, and HBO scoops up Liberace.

David Arquette Giggles About Rob Kardashian's 'Great Ass' to David Letterman

Matt Cherette · 08/31/11 11:55PM

Newly minted Dancing with the Stars contestant David Arquette was on tonight's Late Show. Arquette talked to David Letterman about being sober from alcohol, reconciling with estranged wife Courteney Cox, being enamored with fellow DWTS contestant Rob Kardashian's "great ass" (it's true, his ass is pretty spectacular), being scared of Nancy Grace, and more. But mostly, he just giggled. A lot! Check out our video of the interview's best four minutes above.

Draco Malfoy Is 'Looking to Get Into the Grime Rap Scene'

Maureen O'Connor · 07/12/11 10:35AM

Tom Felton has a record deal and a song about Hawaii. Jessica Simpson makes out with a purse. Mila Kunis compares sex to communism. The Black Eyed Peas take an "indefinite break." Tuesday gossip starts from scratch.

Jesse James Is Still a Prick, and Other Tales of Celebrity Anger

Jeff Neumann · 05/14/11 08:52AM

Jesse James is still around. Nicollette Sheridan is still really upset about being fired from Desperate Housewives. David Arquette has "clean" hands. And Rupert Murdoch paid Sienna Miller for hacking her phone. Saturday gossip is all about payback.

Lady Gaga Regrets 'Retarded' Remark

Maureen O'Connor · 04/21/11 10:45AM

Lady Gaga's "retarded" gaffe was "furiously unintentional." Jerry Seinfeld gets in a pissing match with Donald Trump. Lauren Bush wants to take fiance David Lauren's last name. Thursday gossip has regrets.

Guy from Glee Has 'Poop and Feces All Over My Bed'

Maureen O'Connor · 04/18/11 10:13AM

Matthew Morrison flees his rat-infested home. Nicolas Cage's binge-drinking weekend melee gets weirder. David Hasselhoff is "in like" with a woman half his age. Halle Berry's custody battle forces her to quit a play. Monday gossip is filthy.

Kimora Lee's Secret to Weight Loss: 'Not Eating'

Maureen O'Connor · 04/15/11 10:25AM

Kimora Lee gets uncomfortably honest about weight loss. Jessica Simpson uses her boobs to get out of parking tickets. 94-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor may be a mother again. TGIFriday gossip.

Courtney Love Wants to Snort Kurt Cobain's Ashes

Maureen O'Connor · 03/16/11 10:23AM

Courtney Love offers to "take a metal straw" to Kurt Cobain's remains. Charlie Sheen enters the t-shirt business. Gilbert Gottfried regrets his tsunami jokes. Joe Jonas swears he's not gay. Wednesday gossip communes with the beyond.

David Arquette Survives Head-On Crash as TMZ Live-blogs It

Adrian Chen · 03/05/11 10:50AM
  • David Arquette was involved in a head-on collision in LA and suffered a minor injured. Thank god someone was there with a cellphone camera to capture him sprawled on the ground seconds after the crash, then immediately send the picture to TMZ. "David is lying on the ground right now—bleeding" wrote TMZ. You can always count on good samaritans. Anyway, Arquette later tweeted "I'm fine," so we don't have to have a national convulsion over the fact that millions of people gawked at his tragedy while eating their Chipotle on lunch break. (PS: WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.) [TMZ, TMZ]

David Arquette: 'I Had My First Drink At the Age of Four'

Maureen O'Connor · 02/24/11 12:07PM

David Arquette gave his first post-rehab interview to Oprah, and it turns out he was a beer-swilling smoking baby. Arquette describes the scene of his intervention ("I go, what up, turkeys?") and says he had his first drink at the age of four, began "seriously drinking" at 12, and stole pot from his father at the age of 8.

Did Mila's Success Drive Macaulay Away? And Other Annoying Questions

Maureen O'Connor · 01/03/11 10:51AM

Mila Kunis faces an onslaught of obnoxious break-up rumors. David Arquette goes to rehab. Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered rehab ends. (And her freely chosen rehab begins.) Bieber and Selena make out on a yacht. Monday gossip abandons auld acquaintances.