"Andy After Dentist" is Obsessed with Pancakes and Meg Ryan

Emily Chen · 07/21/10 09:16AM

Being sedated after wisdom teeth removal must be awesome. You get chauffeured everywhere, people bring stuff to you, and your world is full of magical things like pancakes, shoes, and Meg Ryan. Remember that feeling when the meds wear off.

'David After Dentist's Family Made $150,000 Off Their Viral Video

The Business Insider · 06/29/10 02:54PM

Sometimes, drugging children pays off. David Devore—whose laughing gas YouTube video went viral—earned his family $150,000 from his fleeting internet fame. The Business Insider breaks down where the money came from, and how the DeVores spent it.

What To Do If You Become an Internet Meme

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/10 04:19PM

A girl who posted pics of her "epic boobs" and inadvertently became an Internet meme lost a lawsuit against the outlet that made her a star. It raises the question: If you become an internet meme, what should you do?