Draper Fisher Jurvetson's big blog mistake

Owen Thomas · 06/13/08 04:20PM

Technorati has raised another $7.5 million from existing venture-capital backers, including Draper Fisher Jurvetson. The company has raised $30 million to date. Anyone know the valuation? Given Technorati's fall from Web grace, and the loss of founder Dave Sifry, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a "down round" — an investment that values the company at less than previous rounds did. [PEHub]

The fall of the evangelist CEO

Owen Thomas · 08/20/07 04:37PM

The chaos at Technorati and PodTech, two startups which saw outside CEO searches end in failure last week, should be instructive to company founders everywhere. If you're asking yourself if it's time to step aside, it's too late. Entrepreneurs are often excellent evangelists — the peculiar Silicon Valley breed of marketer who seeks to create fervor for a product few even understand, let alone think they need. Sifry and Furrier are both typical of this kind. But the career of evangelist bears a particular occupational hazard: The risk of starting to believe your own preachings, and of thinking that no one else is fit to deliver them.

Blog search CEO steps down amid declining relevance

Tim Faulkner · 08/16/07 03:01PM

Dave Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati, is immediately stepping down from the role of CEO as the blog search pioneer continues to burn cash and fails to find a working business model. CFO Teresa Malo, VP of engineering Dorion Carroll and VP of marketing Derek Gordon will govern by committee until they find a new CEO. The company's search for an outside leader, which began last spring, has failed to find any takers. Eight other Technorati employees were also fired "to adjust our expense structure to be more appropriately aligned with our priorities moving forward." In other words, they're running out of cash, despite several small rounds of funding meant to keep them afloat. Technorati pioneered and had an early lead in blog search, an area where Google should have excelled. Since then, Google's Blog Search has improved while Technorati's has gotten worse. And as the lines between mainstream journalism and the blogosphere continue to blur, dedicated blog search has increasingly become irrelevant — a fact that's surely not lost on any CEO candidates Technorati might find.

Loose Wires: How could a guy named Sparky Rose have a work history?

Nick Douglas · 10/16/06 08:09PM
  • Man, this is not the New York Times's best weekend. Their latest gaffe: calling Peter Hirshberg, chairman of blog search company Technorati, the CEO. Poor tech blogger Om Malik was afraid CEO Dave Sifry had been ousted. But Sifry replied on Om's blog that he's still in charge. He tells me the mix-up was probably an innocent mistake by the Times; no one interviewed Sifry for the article. [GigaOM]

Flip trifecta: the race to sell out

ndouglas · 02/02/06 08:51AM

After the New York Post reported that Google would buy Napster, a Google spokesperson denied any such plans. Looks like someone's trying to float a rumor and sell their stock. Meanwhile, Technorati's looking to sell its search tools, Six Apart might stay solo, and Digg.com is fighting lucrative sale rumors.