John Edwards: Bastard Father, Cover-Up, Dave Matthews Fan

Foster Kamer · 09/20/09 04:45PM

And he's known it all along, or so says the New York Times. They got ahold of a leaked book proposal by Andrew Young, the Edwards aide who once claimed paternity of Rielle Hunter's child. This...is juicy stuff.

Kyle Buchanan · 09/11/08 02:45PM

Party like it's 1998! Julia Roberts made what E! is calling a "rare public appearance" yesterday, appearing onstage at the Stand Up for a Cure concert at Madison Square Garden. "Hello New York City!" she said to the audience. "I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in the greatest city in the world to introduce one of the greatest bands of the world." Then, strangely, Dave Matthews Band came out. [E!]