David Letterman Entranced By Maggie Gyllenhaal's Tale Of A Percocet-Pushing Nurse Feelgood

Molly Friedman · 07/18/08 02:24PM

Even though we’re a day late on this, Dark Knight’ s “ironic” lingerie model Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on Letterman Wednesday night and charmed the pants right off Dave with talk of everyone's favorite celebrity topic: drugs. Speaking in her standard sweetly candid tone, Maggie told a tale of a nurse whose number we’d really like to get a hold of — seems this kooky practitioner who aided Maggie with a broken toe is more than eager to push bundles of those morphine-patches-disguised-as-"painkillers"—Percocets—on her patients.

David Letterman Heroically Bitch-Slaps Spencer Pratt For All Of Us

Molly Friedman · 06/16/08 05:15PM

Watching Dave Letterman sucker-punch Hills axis of vapidity Spencer Pratt on The Late Show Friday night brought up one major question for us: why has it taken this long for a talking head to publicly shame the guylighted villain? Shilling, we presume, merely for the gruesome brand that is Spencer and Heidi, the numb and pathological Pratt answered a few very pointed questions regarding the MTV show's obvious scripted nature and what exactly Bromance nobody Brody Jenner does for a living. At that point, Letterman finally pulled out the big guns after Spencer boastfully claimed he "won't go to a club for less than $100,000." Dave's shock, insulting-yet-gentle series of guffaws and his no-beat-missed announcement that he wants Spencer off his set immediately sum up an interview too good to be true. See for yourself after the jump.

Dave Letterman Calls Ali Lohan "Lindsay", All But Sealing Her Fate

Richard Lawson · 05/21/08 10:00AM

Haha/Oh dear. Ali Lohan, sister of Lindsay, was on Letterman last night, presumably to promote her and mama Dina's ominous new reality show. And, poor thing, as Dave was signing off, he accidentally called her Lindsay. I mean, how could he possibly get them mixed up? Lindsay is a once-popular tween idol with substantial drug and alcohol problems. Ali is a soon to be once-popular tween idol with substantial drug and alcohol problems. Geez. It's like comparing apples and the seeds that later become apples. Clip above.