The Year's Best Comebacks

Jason Parham · 12/31/14 10:10AM

How do you properly measure the substance of a year? Time spent with family? The amount of retweets you've garnered on Twitter? Or perhaps the hours you've wasted watching trash TV? Comebacks, for me, are the true measure of a year—stories about resilience and drive and hard work. Here, before we say goodbye to 2014, the year's best comebacks.

There's a Good Chance Dave Chappelle Once Bought Weed From Idris Elba

Jason Parham · 11/18/14 02:20PM

For the first time in years, Dave Chappelle gave a sit-down interview. The veteran comedian spoke to GQ's Mark Anthony Green about leaving the limelight, fame, and happiness. "I have all these weird fantasies," he says. "Going coast-to-coast on my motorcycle and having random barbecues all over America. No show, no nothing...I just like meeting people."

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Performed Together Last Night, Discussed Going on Tour

Taylor Berman · 02/27/13 07:50PM

Last night, at around midnight, Dave Chappelle made a surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar, the legendary nightclub featured during the credits to Louie. Considering Chappelle's relatively reclusive history, this would've been exciting for comedy nerds, if not exactly newsworthy. However, after Chappelle performed solo for 45 minutes or so, and was preparing to leave, Chris Rock jumped on stage.

Citizen's Arrest for Spider-Man Villain Over Comic-Con Shove

Jeff Neumann · 07/24/11 08:25AM

New Spider-Man villain Rhys Ifans thinks America sucks. Mariah Carey partied in a nightclub bathroom, while Brooke Mueller prepares to hallucinate in Mexico. Meanwhile, David Hasselhoff had a Las Vegas meltdown. Sunday Gossip is in deep trouble.

Goldie Hawn Is Back and Ready for Action

Richard Lawson · 06/16/11 05:25PM

America's one-time sweetheart is returning from a long hiatus with a sexy new project. Also today: Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin hook up under strange circumstances, Aaron Sorkin adds more actors to his news team, and the potential return of Dave Chappelle.

Dave Chappelle at the Laugh Factory

Christopher Han · 12/24/10 09:00PM

Here is the former world's funniest man back on stage and in public again. Chappelle talks about how every time he stands on the Laugh Factory stage all he can think about is when Kramer (Michael Richards) effed up.

Dave Chapelle Is Dubious of Scientists

Morgan Barry · 09/05/10 08:00PM

From his classic 2004 For What It's Worth special, here Dave discusses his skepticism regarding scientists' theories on the origin of AIDS.

Dave Chappelle on His Friend's Landlord

nightintern · 06/05/10 08:00PM

Most Landlords can be complete nightmares, but in this clip, Chapelle makes us wonder are we really getting nagged for rent money every month, or just cash to support our landlord's crack habit?