Dave Is Dating Britney Spears

Caity Weaver · 02/19/13 07:20PM

The voicemail inbox of America's Randomest Guy is blowing up like crazy today, after word has broken that Britney Spears is dating him. That guy? Yes, your friend Dave. That boring old Dave who we all know and never thought about much until he started dating Britney Spears.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: Dating

Maureen O'Connor · 10/26/10 09:41AM

Taylor and Jake flirt their way across New York. A Sports Illustrated model gets in a catfight. Celine Dion's husband describes his wife's numerologically perfect birth. Tuesday gossip is a windswept romance.

First iPads Loaded With Issue of Men’s Health

Jeff Neumann · 04/02/10 05:17AM

If you are dumb smart enough to wait in line for an iPad, then you'll be rewarded with workout videos, totally awesome jokes, and a Ryan Phillipe profile... free! It's time to get those abs ready for the beach! [NYP]

Unhealthy Relationships at 'Men's Health'

Jesse · 10/12/05 02:37PM

We suggested recently that Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko, the abberific Max Zorin of magazine editors who at Jon Stewart's magazine-bashing session spouted such gems as "fit is the new rich" and "we worship at the altar of our readers," might just possibly be — when the planets align the right way, from the right angle, in the right light — a tremendous tool.