That's Cool... Gwyneth Paltrow Is Dating Too

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/06/15 07:50PM

Exciting time to be Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Dates with each other, dates with significant others, dates over here, dates over there, dates in Central Park, dates at very exclusive parties... As Martin might say, make new girlfriends but keep the old; one is a blonde movie star and the other is also a blonde movie star.

Amy Poehler Once Bombed a Date With John Stamos

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/27/14 08:43PM

In a scene out of an anxiety dream or maybe a greek yogurt commercial, Amy Poehler once unwittingly went on a date, dressed in her Parks and Recreation wardrobe, with Handsome Guy Actor John Stamos.

Here's the New York Times Fluff Piece From the Last Time the Date Was 12/12/12

Max Read · 12/12/12 08:14AM

Don't forget: today — 12/12/12 — is the last repetitive date you'll see in your life, unless you are very young and prone to longevity. Which means it's also the last time you'll see content-free fluff pieces seeking to assign some kind of meaning to the arbitrary assemblage of numbers spewed out by our latest pitiful attempt at measuring out the blank incoherence of time. New York magazine's Stefan Becket turned up the New York Times article from the last time this happened, "12-12-12: That's To-day, and It's a Long Time Till Another Strange Date Line," and it's a masterpiece of word-padding form:

Tinsley Mortimer, Meet Your Dream Dates

Richard Lawson · 01/29/10 03:40PM

Flirt Alert! Tinsley Mortimer, the bubbly blonde socialite of our dreams, is single and ready to mingle. She was spotted at Sundance looking for a man, which is pretty desperate. So we thought we'd help her find The One.

Michael Moore Starts New Dictator Dating Trend

nickm · 02/22/08 02:40PM

When it comes to the Oscars, who you bring is just as important as who you wear. And sure, it used to be cool to take your significant other or your mom, but now, thanks to one little off-the-cuff remark from Michael Moore, you're nobody unless you bring a dictator. On Tuesday, while walking the red carpet at the Semi-Pro premiere, the rotund documentarian joked about wanting to take the newly retired president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, as his date to the Academy Awards. As he says: