From the Sky, Detroit Looks Like Sarajevo

Matt Cherette · 04/18/10 10:37PM

Chris Hansen traveled to Detroit, Michigan for a Dateline special that aired tonight on the state of what is probably America's most desolate city. And in aerial footage—devastation porn at its best—Detroit's grim plight was revealed. Video inside.

NBC Fills Jay Leno-Shaped 10 p.m. Time Slot

Adrian Chen · 01/15/10 01:14AM

Well, now that NBC has traveled a few months back in time and given Leno the "Tonight Show" back, they've wasted no time in filling his crucial 10 pm spot: Look forward to Jerry Seinfeld, "Law & Order," and "Parenthood."

Anna Nicole Smith Disgusts Maria Shriver, Saves NBC Major Money

Rebecca · 03/17/08 11:55AM

After Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California, Maria Shriver was in an awkward spot. Not only was she married to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but being the first lady of California was sort of a conflict of interest with her Dateline gig. So she left the show, with an option to return. Because of that option, NBC has only paid her a "fraction" of her salary during the past few years, instead of the full amount they'd have owed her had they fired her. And after Anna Nicole Smith died, Shriver decided that she wouldn't go back to broadcast journalism because, well, it's a little gauche. The gruesome coverage of Anna Nicole Smith ended up saving NBC millions of dollars. Is there anything this woman can't posthumously do?

Matt Lauer's Interview With Larry Craig: The Reviews Are In!

Maggie · 10/18/07 03:10PM

Members of the press, we salute you, for your bravery in the face of extreme humiliation. Matt Lauer's Dateline interview Tuesday with Senator Larry Craig and his wife regarding Craig's restroom run-in with the law and/or male sexuality has journalists everywhere who viewed it bemoaning the experience—almost as though they'd been, say, recently exposed as hypocritical, closeted adulterers on national television. Poor things!

Putting a Price On 'Cheer'

rbouncer · 12/27/06 03:45PM

Expanding on our earlier discussion of cheapness in the workplace - but sparing the Jews for at least a paragraph - we hear NBC's been having a fabulous time, albeit on a shoestring, spreading Christmas joy and love to its loyal employees. In the case of Dateline's crew, this joy and love, provided staffers actually chose to attend, went for $20 a head.

To Catch a Predator on MySpace

Jessica · 09/14/06 10:25AM

We're not sure if you watch Dateline's To Catch a Predator — the internet pedophile-busting series that has captivated a nation! — but last night, NBC vigilante Chris Hanson busted a few Georgian boys who thought they were about to tap some underage ass. No big deal, just another Wednesday night of taunting men until they actually commit suicide on air. (Don't miss the wonderful "my thang in your mouth" clip.)