Man Accused of Creeping on Kids at Mall Was Just Taking Star Wars Selfie

Jay Hathaway · 05/12/15 10:38AM

A Melbourne, Australia mom posted a warning to Facebook last week about a creepy man who, she believed, had taken a picture of her kids in the children’s clothing section of the local mall Target. She followed the man and took his photo, she said, and police and mall security were on the case.

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/22/14 02:17PM

Kiev's mayoral candidate for the Internet Party, "Darth Vader," arrives to speak to the media on Volodymyrska Hill on Thursday in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine's Presidential elections are to be held on Sunday. Image via Dan Kitwood/Getty.

The Death Star Discovered

Brian Moylan · 02/08/11 07:30PM

These people may look like they're on the surface of Darth Vader's planet destroying laser, but they're really just workers completing the roof of Singapore's new avant-garde ArtScience Museum. Another photo is on the right. [Photos: Getty]

Watch Luke Skywalker Become a Jedi Knight in This Deleted Star Wars Scene

Matt Cherette · 08/14/10 03:16PM

This is incredibly epic: a never-before-screened scene cut from Return of the Jedi in which Darth Vader tempts Luke Skywalker to join the dark side, paired with footage of Luke constructing/activating his green lightsaber and officially becoming a Jedi Knight.

Darth Vader Searches for Love

Etan Berkowitz · 03/11/10 02:14PM

It's hard finding love growing up in the Sith ranks. Everyone is force-choking each other to get ahead and there's barely any time to socialize. However, when a sexy pink Vader enters the scene, Darth gets all bashful and awkward.

The Dog Days Of Summer

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/24/08 12:35PM

Jessica Biel: Hey, do you want to go to the park today? Play with the other dogs?
Jessica Biel's Dog: Too hot for park today. Also, there are too many people there. Way too many.
J.B.: Well, do you want to go a movie? Catch that new Batman movie?
J.B.D: I saw it the other day with the dog from next door. We went to the Bridge. I'll never make that mistake again.
J.B.: Why's that?
J.B.D: It's like a smaller version of City Walk. Ugh. If it's not the Arclight, then it's probably bullshit. You know what I mean?
J.B.: Yeah....So, what do you want to do today?
J.B.D.: Do you want to get a smoothie?
J.B.: Nah. Do you just want to sit in front of a fan and do Darth Vader impressions?
J.B.D.: Best idea I heard all day.

Study: Internet Not Dumbing Down Kids, Who Were Stupid Anyway

Nick Douglas · 01/20/08 08:56PM

Kids! They know how to use computers! Actually no. Young students are as likely as older users to enter plain-English phrases as search terms, according to a study by the British Library (summarized here). They're also more likely to make research mistakes (like ignoring relevant information because it doesn't fit certain keywords), as luddites and librarians have feared, but not because of the Internet: Pre-web studies showed the same poor research skills among younger children, indicating that, well, children are less educated than adults. The study also produced the awesomest photo illustration of "research" ever.