Jon Stewart Dissects Darrell Issa's 'Punanny State'

Matt Toder · 02/21/12 12:04AM

Jon Stewart opened tonight's Daily Show by taking a look at the ridiculous contraception hearings that Darrell Issa convened last week. The quoting from Stalin, the "rape of the soul," it's all perfect grist for Jon's mill. Not to mention the fact that no women were on hand.

We Must Preserve White House Staffers' Precious Facebook Posts

Adrian Chen · 05/04/11 11:32AM

These days, approximately 87% of the government's job consists of updating various social networking profiles and emailing people. How can we make sure that the Facebook status updates of all Obama administration employees are preserved, forever?

Welcome to the Next Two Years of GOP Investigations

John Cook · 11/03/10 03:04PM

The GOP won its very own House! Now's the part where they throw their shit all over the walls. Here are the criminal enterprises, like science and community organizers, that the GOP will use its newfound subpoena power to crush.

Republicans Salivating Over Endless Obama Investigations

Jim Newell · 09/22/10 04:46PM

If Republicans take the House back this fall, there's one thing you can count on: their constant use of subpoena power. Meaning, they'll formally investigate Obama's every turn. They can't wait. In fact, they're already drafting a long, long list.

The SEC Was Watching Porn While You Lost Your Job

Max Read · 04/23/10 03:05AM

Did pornography cause the recession? According to the AP, the answer is: Probably! Over the last five years, the SEC has conducted 33 separate probes into "employees looking at explicit images"—explicit porno images. Let the "SEC/SEX" jokes begin!