The Avengers Broke the $1 Billion Mark

Louis Peitzman · 05/13/12 02:51PM

A million dollars isn't cool. You know what— oh, whatever, you know the rest. The Avengers continues to dominate the box office, both domestic and international. This weekend, the superhero movie earned $103.2 million here and another $95.4 million overseas. Add that to the money it's already made, and yep, we've crossed the $1 billion line.

Dark Shadows: Tim Burton's Latest Yawn

Rich Juzwiak · 05/11/12 03:55PM

Tim Burton's riff on the ‘60s/'70s vampire camp soap opera Dark Shadows joins a subset of TV-to-movie adaptations redundantly obsessed with the fish-out-of-water trope. These include The Brady Bunch Movie (great), The Addams Family (sequel's superior) and The Coneheads (sound the screeches of objection). The plots of these films serve to emphasize the transition of media by having their characters marvel at and bumble through a new, unfamiliar environment. It's novelty with a side of novelty. It revels in the supposed dearth of modern invention that fuels remake culture. It's as honest as it is regrettable.

Dark Shadows: Tim Burton Ruins a Classic

Leah Beckmann · 03/16/12 11:46AM

Here's the trailer for the adaptation of the late 60's ghoulish soap opera, Dark Shadows. But alas, coated over and shellacked with Tim Burton camp and Johnny Depp shmaltz, the revival of the cult classic looks like it will be an unrecognizable homage to the original.

Jennifer Aniston Really Just Wants to Direct

Richard Lawson · 03/29/11 03:05PM

Yup, after all those romantic comedies and derailed thrillers (well, just one of those), Ms. TV America has decided to shuffle on back behind the camera. Also today: a beloved Agatha Christie character gets a makeover, Johnny Depp meets his younger self, and no more vampires!