Danny Pudi Shows Us Where the Magic Happens

Whitney Jefferson · 03/22/11 06:15PM

In a new video from Funny or Die, we find out exactly how much game Community's Danny Pudi has in the proverbial bedroom. Apparently, he's more into his magic tricks than getting the act done.

Danny Pudi Talks About Playing Community's Abed

Whitney Jefferson · 01/13/11 04:41PM

On Lopez Tonight, Danny tells a story about a frisky flight attendant who sent her warm regards for Joel McHale through a giant, wet kiss. Also included: footage from Danny's college days cheering for Marquette basketball.

Community: Abed's Stop-Motion Christmas Spectacular

Whitney Jefferson · 12/10/10 01:52PM

After weeks of anticipation, NBC aired Community's animated Christmas special last night. When Abed wakes up on Christmas morning in a stop-motion world, the gang agrees to play along in his holiday fantasy land in hopes of figuring out why.

Ghetto Prom Emporium with Danny Pudi

Whitney Jefferson · 10/30/10 12:30PM

Watch Community's Danny Pudi in a hysterical (and ridiculous) homage to the commercials for tacky prom dress shops. Apparently, Jerry's "Oh No You Didn't" Ghetto Prom Emporium is your one stop shop for all your ghetto prom picture needs.

Did You Catch Abed's Hidden Storyline in Last Week's Community?

Christopher Han · 10/11/10 09:00AM

If you didn't notice, Abed delivered a baby. His story was just hidden in the background of other scenes. Once again, proving that Community is one of the sharpest and well-written comedies out there. Video compiled inside.