America Just Doesn't Want to See Its Teens Screwing

Richard Lawson · 06/09/11 04:11PM

If the cancellation of Skins is any indication, America just isn't ready to see boffing kids. Also today: Julie Taymor wants her money dammit, good/bad news about your favorite future sitcom, William Shatner's got a new gig, and so does Damon Lindelof.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/22/09 06:46AM

Designer Oscar de la Renta turns 77 today. Rufus Wainwright is 36. Actor Willem Dafoe is turning 54. John Leguizamo and David Spade are both turning 45. Publishing industry heavyweight Ann Godoff is 60. Actor Danny Glover is turning 63. John Wren, the president and CEO of the ad agency Omnicom, is turning 57. Former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole is turning 86. George Clinton is 68. The Eagles' Don Henley is 62. Film director Paul Schrader is 63. Former football player (and now ESPN personality) Keyshawn Johnson is 37. And Disney star Selena Gomez celebrates her 17th birthday today.

Paris Hilton's Implant News Plant

Ryan Tate · 08/19/08 05:45AM
  • Paris Hilton either added implants to "her A-cup" breasts or wants to spread gossip that she did so she can sell her stupid "push-up" bra. (Yes, you can click the thumb if you need a closer look. Yes, you will feel dirty. But don't you kinda feel that way already?) [P6]

Everybody Wants Some In 'Sex: The Revolution'

Mark Graham · 05/14/08 05:55PM

While the Michael Hirschorn era at Vh1 will likely be best remembered for bringing pop culture talking heads (I Love The..., Best Week Ever), washed-up celebs (Surreal Life) and horny musicians (Flavor Of Love, Rock Of Love) into millions of homes, there is one program from his tenure that was just as critically acclaimed as it was popular. Back in the summer of 2006, a four-part documentary called The Drug Years aired to rave reviews — Variety called it a "fascinating insight into the growth of the counterculture and ... its eventual hangover" — and arguably became the first series in the channel's history that was equally appealing to pop culture enthusiasts and intellectuals. Now, after nearly two years worth of research and production, the same creative team that put The Drug Years together has returned with a brand new four-part doc entitled Sex: The Revolution. Defamer recently sat down with series writer Martin Torgoff and executive producer Brad Abramson to talk about the series that, as Torgoff explains, puts its focus on "how the sexual revolution fed into the dynamic of what became the Culture Wars in the United States."

Seth Abramovitch · 01/24/08 07:56PM

Danny Glover was convicted for trespassing on a Niagara Falls Sheraton, after having taken part in a 2006 protest for UNITE HERE, a union dedicated to increasing "salaries and improve working conditions for hotel workers in the U.S. and Canada." With sentencing set for February 8, Glover only offered that he would "gladly self-immolate on behalf of my bellhop brothers and chambermaid sisters." [AP]

Stalk of the Town: Danny Glover Getting Too Old for This

gawktern · 09/27/06 02:40PM

The time: 9 a.m.
The date: September 21, 2006.
The place: 5th Avenue at 21st Street.
Sighted: "I just saw Danny Glover walking down 5th ave at about 21st street on my way into work at 9 a.m. Was taller and older than I expected."