Eating & Drinking: Monday Edition

cityfile · 04/27/09 04:36PM

• How do restaurants make ends meet during a recession? By charging for things that used to be free, like tap water and bread and butter. [NYP]
• A peek at what will be on the menu when Table 8 debuts on May 6. [GS]
• Griffin opens this Thursday in the former PM space on Gansevoort St. [UD]
• The lineup for the New York Wine & Food Festival has been revealed. [Eater]
• New York's Adam Platt has lots of praise for Minetta Tavern this week. [NYM]
Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss are opening Avenue on 10th Avenue in a few days. Danny A is a partner; Wass Stevens will tend to the door. [P6]
• NYC's first-ever Baja Fresh opens at 465 Lexington Ave in two weeks. [NRN]

Van Leeuwen Takes to the Streets

cityfile · 06/25/08 02:01PM
  • Welcome news for ice cream snobs: A Van Leeuwen mobile ice cream truck is now serving Slow Food-approved desserts in SoHo. Three dollar bills and two quarters gets you a small cup. [Eater]

Club Expert Explains The Gawking Masses

Hamilton Nolan · 03/07/08 02:05PM

Former NYC club king turned amateur blogger Steve Lewis gets the scoop today on Danny A, the "Super Promoter" who was also the dude driving Leo Dicaprio when he got pulled over the other day (big news). It's tempting to mock this nightlife circle jerk, but we actually kinda like Steve Lewis' style, which is to tell it like it is because he clearly doesn't feel like he has a damn thing left to prove in his chosen industry. Feel free to read all about Danny A if you want, but far more entertaining is Steve's intro, where he accurately breaks down the connection between clubs, celebrities and regular people (sheep):

Joshua Stein · 09/24/07 03:35PM

If New York club promoter and nightlife-whatever Danny A is, as Page Six says, heading out to Las Vegas, what will become of his hot second-story but sub rosa nightclub Upstairs? More importantly, what will happen to the marginally famous who queue up to party above Cafe Bari? Perhaps they'll head over to the Bench. Or maybe they'll just turn into dust and be swept away.