Bernie Madoff Loves Danielle Steel

Max Read · 04/09/11 04:20PM

Convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has a lot of time to kill in jail. So what does he do? Well, for one thing, give jailhouse interviews—such as this most recent one to the Financial Times—where he can rail about the banks he believes (more or less accurately, in our estimation) were complicit in his scheme. But also: Keep up with his mail (of which he gets "lots," all from "well-wishers"); work at the prison commissary ("10 a.m. to 7 p.m., four days a week"); and, apparently, work on "ethics courses," for which he's been solicited by "several business schools," including Harvard and Northwestern. Oh, and also, read:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/14/09 06:42AM

Your favorite art-collecting, Greenwich-living, publicity-shunning hedge fund billionaire, Steve Cohen (left), turns 53 today. New York's most famous drag queen, Lady Bunny (right), is turning 47. Marcia Gay Harden is 50. Photographer Terry Richardson is turning 44. Halle Berry turns 43. Steve Martin is 64. Oscar-winning composer James Horner is turning 56. Tony-winning playwright Thomas Meehan turns 80. Magic Johnson is 50. Actress Mila Kunis is 26. Susan Saint James, the actress and wife of NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol, is turning 63. Musician David Crosby is 68. E! host and Top Model regular Jay Manuel is turning 37. And romance novelist Danielle Steel is celebrating her 62nd birthday today. Weekend birthdays are below.

Danielle Steel Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Sheila · 07/23/08 02:56PM

We knew the 61-year-old five-times-divorced romance novelist was prolific, but we didn't realize that she just published her seventh-fifth book! She writes them all on a 1964 Olympia manual typewriter, helps the homeless, and as for critics: "It's very simple. I haven't read them in years. My feelings get very hurt when people say mean things about me. The trouble I find is that they don't just criticize the book — they then get nasty personally." [CNN via Young Manhattanite]

David Hayden's Pacific Heights manse for sale after foreclosure

Jackson West · 04/18/08 08:00PM

Serial entrepreneurial failure David Hayden has had his home transfered to boutique bank Robertson Stephens under a Sheriff's deed — which means that the property was seized to pay debts. The transfer is so new, realtor Bernadette V. Lamothe hasn't even had time to have the place properly staged judging by interior photos. It's now for sale for a mere $14.9 million through Sotheby's. Prospective buyers won't just get an opulent home with fantastic views, but a piece of San Francisco history.

Tariq Aziz's reading habits

Gawker · 04/11/03 09:20AM

[Former] Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, Tariq Aziz, apparently enjoyed reading Conde Nast magazines. Found in his abandoned house: dozens of Vanity Fairs. (He likes the personality profiles.) In the bathroom: copies of Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and a few dog-eared Danielle Steele novels. In the child's room upstairs: photos of Disneyland and Britney Spears.
A peek at a leader's life [WaPo]