The Pilot for Daniel Tosh's New Show Is 'Mostly About Rape'

Max Read · 07/13/12 10:24AM

Last week, Daniel Tosh, a 37-year-old professional comedian, told a heckler that it would be funny if she were "raped by like five guys." The incident launched a week-long interent-based discussion about the limits of stand-up and several comedians came to Tosh's defense. In any event, it was one heat-of-the-moment joke, Tosh himself has apologized, and he can wash his hands of the incident, right? Yes, sure, as soon as he finishes taking all of the rape jokes out of the pilot for his new show. Via RumorFix:

Comedy Central Host Daniel Tosh Should Not Tell People How Funny It Would Be if They Were Raped

Max Read · 07/10/12 05:27PM

Are you aware of Daniel Tosh, who hosts a sort of viral-video version of The Soup on Comedy Central called Tosh.0 and is much-beloved on certain corners of the internet? His schtick is, basically, "being a huge asshole," both in a general way and in a racist or classist or sexist way. Some people think he is hilarious (they are wrong) and some people think he is really grating and unfunny and difficult to watch (they are right). You can watch his classic joke about the hypothetical rape of his sister in this video.

The Staff of Tosh.0 Does a 32-Person Wheelbarrow Race

Whitney Jefferson · 03/09/11 02:00PM

After being inspired by—what else—a viral video, Daniel Tosh got his staff together for a gigantic wheelbarrow race. Being that the chain was mainly full of men, the biggest complaint about the process was "the smell of balls."

Tosh.0 Gives us a Preview of Next Season's Redemptions

Alison Flood · 09/29/10 11:12PM

The second season of Tosh.0 closed with a reflection of redemptions, naming of the season's MVP, and showing of the perfect web video. Most interestingly, we got a preview of Tosh's potential Web Redemptions for season three.

Please Tase Me Bro on Tosh.0

Alison Flood · 09/22/10 11:00PM

Tosh always seems to get away with a lot, but tonight's jokes were more offensive than usual. The Web Redemption was for that reporter who couldn't break glass, but Tosh's shining moment was learning to Tase a group of people.

Tosh.0 Tastes the Rainbow

Alison Flood · 09/09/10 06:35AM

The Double Rainbow guy (Paul "Hungry Bear" Vasquez) was on Tosh.0, so naturally they did some psychedelics and followed the rare quadruple rainbow to Perez Hilton's backside. Video after the jump!

Daniel Tosh Does a Sonicesque Speed Run

Henry Baker · 07/15/10 02:34PM

Tosh.0 showed us what it takes for Daniel to be ready for every episode. It's pretty much like beating any video game really fast, except Mario's V-neck shirt was never that deep.