ANTM Writers Strike Fails; ANTM Continues Somehow

Emily Gould · 11/08/06 09:10AM

Daniel J. Blau is kind of like the guy who went from being in a Judas Priest cover band to being in Judas Priest: he used to recap America's Next Top model at Television Without Pity, and then he was plucked from obscurity to write for the show itself. His life from that point on was as magical and fascinating as Tyra's weave — until he and his fellow writers asked the CW network for fancy, decadent "benefits" and "health insurance." Silly writer! After a two-month strike in order to gain union status, he and his fellow ANTM employees are unemployed.
We feel for Daniel, even though we have to admit that we haven't seen a precipitous drop in the quality of the show this, uh, 'cycle' (go CariDee)! Relatedly, a tipster writes that the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Ken Mok, the show's producer. We're torn: we want justice for Daniel, of course, but we don't want anything to happen that would jeopardize our ritualistic Wednesday 'model'-mockery. We'll keep you posted . . . because, undoubtedly, you SO care.