Taylor Berman · 09/07/12 09:19PM

Daniel Craig has signed up for at least two more James Bond movies, making him the third longest-tenured Bond.

Skyfall: James Bond Is Still James Bond

Louis Peitzman · 07/28/12 02:40PM

Last night, Daniel Craig's James Bond picked up the Queen at Buckingham Palace and flew her over the Olympic Stadium, where Her Majesty parachuted into the crowd.

Jon Hamm Hates Kim Kardashian, Too

Louis Peitzman · 03/10/12 02:01PM

For those of you who needed another reason to crush on Jon Hamm, the Mad Men star joined the ranks of legitimate TV actors ragging on reality TV personalities. His targets: Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Daniel Craig's Kardashian Rant: 'F—king Idiots'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/30/11 11:14AM

Daniel Craig ridicules Kourtney Kardashian's placenta. Kellan Lutz gives himself a "Hitler Youth" hairdo. Ali Lohan wonders whether Dina will let her get plastic surgery. Ashton Kutcher hangs out with a cow. Wednesday gossip is full of hate.

The Best and Worst Celebrity Wax Figures

Leah Beckmann · 10/09/11 11:21AM

As far as gimmicky tourist attractions go, none tops the great Madame Tussaud and her house of clones. Not to wax poetic here, but there is something equal parts satisfying and unnerving about a dead-eyed Susan Boyle. The resemblance is uncanny! And even if it isn't and the wax statue looks nothing like its real-life counterpart, well, even that is something to see.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Step Out

Richard Lawson · 07/29/11 10:58AM

Hollywood's secretest couple is not so secret anymore. Also today: Rachel Zoe is a tremendous idiot, Meatloaf passes out, and Paz de la Huerta lotions up.

Dream House: Daniel Craig Has Already Killed You

Richard Lawson · 07/21/11 11:57AM

Here's a trailer for Dream House, a horror movie that somehow managed to snag Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts for its three lead roles. It seems to be your standard-issue creepy house with a twist movie, the twist this time being that maybe the people who live in the house are actually the ghosts.

Amy Winehouse's Website Hacked by 'Swagger' Police

Maureen O'Connor · 07/01/11 10:41AM

Amy Winehouse's website falls at the hands of race-obsessed Lil' B fans. Lindsay Lohan blames "pyschotic paparazzi" for her woes. A teen idol confesses to doing blow with Michael Jackson. TGIFriday gossip.

Justin Bieber's Diva Meltdown and Other Scary Stories

Maureen O'Connor · 05/27/10 10:02AM

Babyface Bieber hurls the f-word at an underling. Turns out LiLo wasn't lying about everything, just some things. The woman Matt Lauer didn't have sex with used to be a man. Thursday gossip is full of surprises.