The Ominous Return of Dane Cook

Richard Lawson · 09/28/11 04:22PM

America's number one shirtless comedian is headed to the small screen. Also today: Good news for a Lost actress, good news for a lost actor, bad news for CAA, and challenging news for Mel Gibson.

Fifteen Years Later, Claire Danes Returns to Television

Richard Lawson · 11/19/10 03:43PM

Sure she did that Temple Grandin thing, but that was a TV movie. This is a TV series. Also today: Leonardo DiCaprio goes back in time again, Kelsey Grammer returns to the cable waves, and Dane Cook breaks our heart.

Kanye West Cock Shots for Sale, and Other Things to Fear

Maureen O'Connor · 10/14/10 09:33AM

Multiple penis pictures hit the market—will we see West's wang? Katy Perry plans a monochromatic wedding. David Arquette wishes he didn't talk shit about his estranged wife's sex life. Thursday gossip has 20/20 hindsight and bionic penis-vision.

Dane Cook on Karate

nightintern · 06/21/10 08:00PM

Sure, most people tend to hate him now, but you have to admit the guy can at least make a joke or two. These ones are about kicking butt and taking puppy names.

Lindsay Lohan Evades Arrest, and Other Tales of Triumph

Maureen O'Connor · 05/21/10 09:00AM

Facing arrest, LiLo frantically emails her richest friends, then posts bail. Did Nicole Kidman get a boob job? Kevin Jonas and his wife sleep in separate beds. Jenna Bush keeps getting embarrassed by her dad. TGIFriday gossip.

Do Your Hobbies Make You Gay?

Brian Moylan · 05/13/10 02:35PM

Lots of people flipped out over the Wall Street Journal's decision to run a photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan playing softball. Were they trying to imply she's a lesbian? Every extracurricular activity comes with a stereotype.

The Most Hated Comedians of All Time

Mike Byhoff · 01/18/10 01:48PM

Jay Leno has become the most hated comedian in America. But he's not the only one! These comedians are also hated because they're unoriginal, obnoxious, and out of touch. But one theme ties them all together: they're not funny.

2009: Gawker's Year in Pictures

Brian Moylan · 12/30/09 12:49PM

Pictures may only be worth a thousand words, but they can certainly sear an image onto your brain for all eternity. Here are the pictures that defined 2009 on Gawker.

Do These Men Deserve to Be the Highest Paid Comedians?

Natasha VC · 07/17/09 05:46PM

Do you feel that? Those are George Carlin's acid tears falling from heaven. There are some mainstays on the millionaire funny-man list. But there is one depressing shocker. Can you guess who?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/18/09 07:02AM

Queen Latifah turns 39 today. Dane Cook is turning 37. Maroon 5's Adam Levine is 30. Theodora Richards, the party-loving daughter of Keith Richards, is 24. Vanessa Williams is turning 46. Hedge fund manager Scott Bommer is turning 43. Discovery Channel star Mike Rowe is 47. Michael Reagan, the radio host and adopted son of Ronald Reagan, is turning 64. French writer/director Luc Besson is 50. Veteran actor Peter Graves is 83. And Ben Cohen, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, is celebrating his 58th birthday today.

Piven's Got a New Girl

cityfile · 12/31/08 06:32AM

• Jeremy Piven's latest conquest? A 23-year-old model/bottle waitress at Mansion named Ashley Chontos, who was the first to respond to Piven's late-night text appeal ("Come to my room—whoever responds first gets me for the night") and who, you'll be happy to hear, is standing by her man, even though he's in Bangkok so he can "recover" from "mercury poisoning." [NYDN]
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are supposedly divorcing in a few weeks, or at least that's what the Daily News says. For the time being, though, they seem to be enjoying themselves in Puerto Rico. [E!]
• Mia Farrow's daughter's death may have been been AIDS-related. [NYP]
Mariah Carey is supposedly in talks to make a Broadway musical about her life and hopes Leona Lewis, Vanessa Hudgens, or Eva Longoria will take on the lead role. [Telegraph]