The NYPD Is Scrubbing New York Clean of Subway Dancers

Andy Cush · 07/01/14 10:05AM

Every once in a while, when you ride the subway in New York City, you're treated to a free, spontaneous performance. Most times, it goes like this: A teenager yells "Showtime!", some boring dolts groan and stare at the floor, and an impossibly limber body starts flying.

Star Dancer Arrested in Insane Russian Ballet Acid Attack

Max Read · 03/06/13 10:09AM

Pavel Dmitrichenko, a star dancer at Moscow's legendary Bolshoi Ballet, has apparently confessed to orchestrating an acid attack that left the company's artistic director Sergei Filin with burns to his face and eyes—an attack possibly motivated by Filin's treatment of Dmitrichenko's girlfriend, another Bolshoi dancer.

Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of Dancers

Lauri Apple · 09/11/11 12:57PM

So these boys in Las Cruces, New Mexico thought it would be clever to get on their Facebooks and "cyberbully" the Zinsations, a local street dance troupe. It was not clever! Because four of the Zinsations beat the shit out of those bullyboys at McDonald's the other day.

'Play-Fighting' Model Falls from Hotel Window, Killing One

Max Read · 05/29/11 10:19AM

A model and a dancer fell from a hotel window in Atlanta while "play-fighting," leaving one dead and one in critical condition at the hospital. LaShawna Threatt (pictured), a 30-year-old model and party promotor, and Ciara Williams, a dancer, were wrestling with each other in a room at the W hotel in midtown Atlanta following Threatt's birthday party when they apparently broke through a window and fell. Threatt landed on the roof of a structure below, dying immediately, while Williams fell another 20 feet, and remains in the hospital in critical condition. Police believe it was an accident. [AJC]

This Cute Elderly Couple's Interpretive Dance Will Melt Your Heart

Matt Cherette · 01/27/11 09:29PM

Here's a video from a cover band performance of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" at the Winstar Casino. But the true star isn't the singer—it's the elderly couple performing an interpretive dance to the song. Awwwwww!

Banksy vs. Banxy

Hamilton Nolan · 07/30/08 11:45AM

Well god damn. Banksy really is mysterious! A couple of weeks ago we showed you what was allegedly a 1999 photo of Banksy, the once-secret-but-now-maybe-not street artist. Before that, there had only been one known photo of the man in existence. But looks like there's still only one known photo. Stupid Brits and their stupid names! Here's what happened: A tipster wrote in to point out that the new photo we found is probably not of Banksy, the artist; it's of Banxy, the break dancer. Well who the fuck can keep track, really? Banxy is a dancer and performer in the UK who once appeared in a dance TV show with Deborah Bull, the British ballet dancer who appears with "Banksy" in this photo: