Mommy Made Me an Online Delinquent

Ryan Tate · 11/01/11 07:49PM

Researchers discovered the weak link in child protection laws: Parents. A federal rule designed to keep stalky marketers away from kids is being thwarted by moms and dads seeking to expose their kids to... stalky marketers, of the sort bundled into Facebook. We clearly need new laws, but a new set of parents wouldn't hurt, either.

How to Keep Secrets—Even on Facebook

Adrian Chen · 11/13/10 11:45AM

No human relationship can withstand complete transparency. Facebook gives you plenty of opportunities to commit social faux pas in the name of "connecting," but there's no feature to help you keep necessary secrets. You have to get tricky about it.

SXSW rhymes with sex

Melissa Gira Grant · 02/18/08 03:00PM

By happy coincidence, I landed Valleywag's sex reporting gig just before my first-ever trip to the hormone-fueled SXSW ("South by Southwest") Web, music and video festival in Austin. It's still three weeks away, but I'm trying to get a leg up by decoding all the parties I've been told I shouldn't miss. Which ones will really get interactive? Can I get some kind of mobile map mashup of which naughty bloggers will be stumbling distance between Austin's Sixth Street — the after-dark party block — and my hotel suite? How many inhibitions will be wiped out by Red Bull and vodka open bars? Or will my girl-on-girl action be limited to fondling Danah Boyd's hat? Suggestions and solicitations can be mailed to melissa@valleywag.com.

Holy crap, the kids have their own lives on the Internet

Nicholas Carlson · 01/24/08 10:30AM

Looking for worried tones and ominous music? Then check out Frontline's "Growing Up Online." The premise of the PBS special: Kids rule the Internet. And they're totally out of control! "It's really hard to control what our kids are doing online. What we have here is the new Wild West. Nobody's really in charge," fulminates author Anne Collier. But then, whew, good old Danah Boyd straightens them out: "This is a generation that sees online not as a separate place that you go, but a continuation of their existence. It's socialization. It's learning about life." Which, online or off, is what always brings an end to childhood.

ETech talk roundup

ndouglas · 03/08/06 09:33PM

Deep into the quest to make actually attending the ETech conference unnecessary, attendees recap everything for the rest of us: