Why Ignore Sarah Palin?

Jim Newell · 01/21/11 04:52PM

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has gotten so tired of reading his own articles about Sarah Palin that he's proposing a "Palin-Free February" of news coverage. You can join him by taking a Twitter pledge! But why?

New to CNN Team: Three Republicans, One Dem, Milbank

Pareene · 08/15/08 01:39PM

CNN press release: "CNN Recruits Key Political Experts for Campaign Coverage." Exciting! "Building upon its winning coverage of the U.S. presidential campaign and other political contests, CNN has added five more top political reporters and commentators to its deep bench of political contributors and analysts." Great! So who exactly are these five new additions to the best political team on whatever? One Dem strategist, one Washington Post columnist, and these three:

Dana Milbank's Unfortunate Book Title

Pareene · 01/17/08 03:48PM

Attached, the cover of the upcoming book from the Washington Post's "funny" political writer, Dana Milbank. "Do you have what it takes to be Homo Politicus?" Well, we've spent a bit of time in the Minneapolis airport, but it still seems like a rather person question from a Random House flack. [Homo Politicus]