Dana Carvey Does His Impressions of Late Night Hosts

Whitney Jefferson · 10/28/10 03:11PM

While trying to explain why he hadn't visited the Late Show in years, Dana Carvey banged out impression after impression of famous late night hosts. From Johnny Carson to Merv Griffin, Gary Shandling to Jay Leno, he nailed 'em all.

Dana Carvey on Rockstars

Matt Toder · 03/03/10 09:00PM

Long ago, in a magical time called the 90's, Dana Carvery was a comedy giant. He made the masses laugh with masterful impressions, impeccable timing, some piano playing and the phrase "choppin' broccoli." Please to enjoy his signature bit.

The Ghosts of SNL Presidents Past

Mike Byhoff · 03/03/10 01:44PM

The most recent Funny or Die original accomplishes something other than being funny or dying: It unites four(!) generations of legendary SNL cast members in the same room together. Quite a feat. Oh, and it's really funny.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/02/09 06:55AM

Dating Drew Barrymore isn't the only thing that Fabrizio Moretti and Justin Long have in common. They also share a birthday. Fabrizio is turning 29 today, while Justin is turning 31. Others celebrating: Times columnist Frank Rich is turning 60. American Express CEO Ken Chenault turns 58. Princeton professor Cornel West is 56. Westchester DA-turned-TV judge Jeanine Pirro turns 58. Hairdresser-turned-movie producer Jon Peters is 64. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is 57. Dana Carvey is turning 54. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts turns 68. Dennis Haysbert is 55. Nikki Cox turns 31. And comedian Wayne Brady is 37 today.

10 Celeb Marathoners to Beat in Ryan Reynolds' Rookie Race

STV · 10/09/08 05:20PM

Ryan Reynolds hit the fundraising circuit running — literally — in an essay today on The Huffington Post, where he opened up about his training for next month's New York Marathon. There, despite vowing to avoid such events after once observing an epidemic of runners' bleeding nipples, the newlywed is racing on behalf of Michael J. Fox's foundation to fight Parkinson's Disease. But while we applaud his determination in battling 26 miles of nipple-chafe, Reynolds is running for more than just a good cause. He's also trotting into a celebrity pastime with a rich tradition of its own, competing against the likes of Will Ferrell, Katie Holmes, Diddy and even David Lee Roth's six-hour slog through New York in 1987. After the jump, find the ten swiftest boldfacers who ever laced up a pair of track shoes. Train harder, Ryan — and happy bleeding!MEN 1. Dana Carvey, 3:04:21 (Ocean to Bay Marathon, 1972) — Carvey is the only hint this marathon ever existed, though with photographic evidence scarce, we reluctantly place him at the top of the list of the World's Fastest Celeb Marathoner. 2. Björn Ulvaeus, 3:23:54 (Stockholm Marathon, 1980) — The ABBA co-founder also engineered a revolutionary antecedent to the Walkman and iPod, trademarking the waist-cinching Phonostrap to blast LP's on his high-energy training runs. 3. William Baldwin, 3:24:29 (New York City Marathon, 1992) — Before Alec divorced Kim Basinger, he was the only Baldwin brother to finish a marathon. 4. George W. Bush, 3:44:52 (Houston Marathon, 1993) — In an eerie harbinger of things to come, finished in 158th place but was declared the winner anyway. 5. Will Ferrell, 3:56:12 (Boston Marathon, 2003) — Trained naked, obviously, but ran the marathon in full Alex Trebex regalia (see above). WOMEN

7 Words That Will Help Sarah Palin Tonight: 'Who Am I? Why Am I Here?'

Kyle Buchanan · 10/02/08 04:50PM

Though Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live has proven to be the ratings gift that keeps on giving, it's another, earlier SNL vice presidential satire that still holds the number-one place in our hearts. In advance of tonight's heavily-anticipated debate we thought we'd revisit that 1992 sketch, which saw Ross Perot (Dana Carvey) put his running mate, Admiral James Stockdale (Phil Hartman), out to pasture — literally. Though Stockdale became infamous for his self-introduction at the vice presidential debate — "Who am I, and why I am here?" — we'd wager that the actual memory has been eclipsed in time by Hartman's booming bark. The sketch, after the jump: