The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 06/05/09 04:17PM

The Cinema Society and Details magazine hosted a screening of The Hangover last night at the Tribeca Grand, which was followed by an afterparty at the Soho Grand. Details editor Dan Peres, Cinema Society's Andrew Saffir, and Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha, who both appear in the film, welcomed Rachel Roy, Amy Sacco (left), Nicole Miller, Will Arnett, Zach Braff, Gerard Butler, Molly Sims, Chris Meloni, Caroline Rhea, Alan Cumming, Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, Albert Hammond Jr., Jill Hennessy, Jesse Eisenberg, Hilary Rhoda, Dan Abrams, Danny Masterson, Byrdie Bell, Kelly Bensimon, Rob and Marisol Thomas, Caroline Winberg, and Doutzen Kroes, Alexandra Richards, and Paula Abdul. [PMC, WWD, Wireimage, VF]

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 03/20/09 11:50AM

Saks CEO Steve Sadove was honored at a fundraising gala for the Fashion Institute of Technology last night at Cipriani 42nd Street. Sadove was presented with an award from Michael Bloomberg ("This is an evening I like to call Saks and the City!") and guests including FIT president Joyce Brown, Olivia Chantecaille, Jason Wu (left), Carolina Herrera, Tom Florio, Fern Mallis, Robbie Myers, Joe Zee, Amy Astley, Peter Som, Stacey Bendet Eisner, Susan Fales-Hill, Dan Peres, Bill Cunningham, Scott Harrison, Steven Kolb, Saks President Ronald Frasch and his wife Georgia, former State Comptroller Carl McCall, and actress Sarah Wynter. [PMc, Wireimage, NYO, FWD]

Details Editor Exudes Optimism

Hamilton Nolan · 03/13/09 01:20PM

In your sunny Friday media column: Dan Peres has balls, high school reporters have dreams, Arthur Sulzberger has an honest moment, and the media at large has nothing to look forward to:

Dan Peres

cityfile · 01/30/08 01:27PM

Dan Peres

'Details' Tosses Freelancer Under Ben Affleck's Hybrid SUV

Choire · 10/30/07 09:10AM

Today's Page Six provides a vehicle for Details editor Dan Peres to either school or destroy his former staffer and current freelancer Bart Blasengame. In a December editor's letter editor's note, Peres claims that Blasengame (who goes unnamed) printed a quote by Ben Affleck that Affleck "never made." Also, the article (which lacked the writer's byline) "implied" that Affleck might leave L.A.—but Peres writes that was a "statement" that Affleck never issued. A Details publicist then says that the Details editor and Ben Affleck are "good friends," and says that "Dan realized there were things taken out of context." What now? Were things taken out of context—or were they invented, as Peres says? Because there's a really serious line there to be considered before destroying someone's career in journalism to appease a snippy star. These are the kind of things that keep lawyers very busy! Blasengame did not return an email this morning. Details recently killed his story on Sarah Silverman, which then appeared in Nerve.

abalk · 06/20/07 09:58AM

Supposedly formerly cool Details editor Dan Peres doesn't want to be the new Dave Zinczenko, but, okay, he'll "get out there and shill" the new Details men's style book. [WWD]

Is 'Details' Nearly Done?

Doree Shafrir · 06/15/07 09:39AM

Might Details go the way of ElleGirl, Teen People, Life and all those other magazines that close their print versions to go web? A source in the advertising industry has begun thinking that Details' days are numbered, spurred by the fact that many of latest issue's ads came through from bundled corporate ad sales, instead of from the Details team, as a cross-magazine buy. But would it be so crazy if the content (but presumably not all of its staff!) were folded into men.style.com, "the online home of Details and GQ"? Let's look at the numbers!

The $40 Million Question: Define "Nappy"

abalk2 · 05/03/07 08:56AM
  • Don Imus' contract with CBS said: "Services to be rendered are of a unique, extraordinary, irreverent, intellectual, topical, controversial, and personal character." Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin thinks that makes Imus's $40 million lawsuit against CBS a bit more plausible. [CNN]

Dan Peres Okay With Being a Douchebag

abalk2 · 11/29/06 11:30AM

"If my 20-year-old self could see me now at 35, he'd want to kick my ass," says Dan Peres in the opening of his Letter From The Editor in the current Details. It's the yuppie issue, and Dan wants you to know that while he used to be pretty cool (smoked pot, wore flannel, lived in the Village), he's grown and changed, and now he's the kind of douche that he used to despise. He lets you know this in painful, painstaking detail. Since the piece is not online, and God knows you don't want anyone to see you actually buying Details we've taken the liberty of reproducing it below. It's a long read, but ultimately worth it, because, as Dan comes to terms with his own douchery, so must we all. Enjoy.

Media Bubble: Gossip Columns Important to Those Concerned About Gossip

Jesse · 04/17/06 12:50PM

• Page Six traffics in buzz, apparently. [NYT]
• Uncle Bob Schieffer might stick around to do end-of-show commentaries on Couric-led CBS Evening News. And also to show off his legs, of course. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
• Breaking: Daily News distributes sponsored copies! [NYT]
• It's hard to be a teen magazine. [Mediaweek]
Real Simple loses two top editors; Details's Dan Peres tucks in. [WWD]

Media Bubble: Nachos, Beer, and, Maybe, a Free Football-Phone!

Jesse · 02/03/06 01:51PM

Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy to spend up to $1 million each to host dueling pre-Super Bowl parties. Maybe some of those recently laid off from Time Inc. and Dennis Publishing will be invited. [NYP]
• Brandon Holley digs 20-something smart chicks. [NYT]
Daily News TV guy Richard Huff still doesn't like Jon Stewart. [NYDN]
• The Observer redesigns its blogs, which now look thoroughly swell (if, sadly, less pink). [The Real Estate/NYO]
• Missed In Style: Celebrity Weddings on ABC Monday night? Then you missed your chance to see highlights from Details editor Dan Peres' wedding. We're sure you're as sad as we are. [WWD]

'Details' Editor Dan Peres Is Made an Honest Man

Jessica · 08/22/05 12:25PM

You have to hand it to Details editor Dan Peres. By choosing to get married in August, perhaps the slowest news month of the year, he ensured that his wedding would not go unnoticed. Hell, it's not like we've got anything else to write about. So we'll indulge Peres and pay attention, if only for a moment and with the expected joke: Yes, the editor of Details got married. To a woman.

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 04/14/03 01:14PM

· Details Editor-in-Chief Dan Peres on a Stuff cartoon depicting Details offices as staffed by leather-and-chaps-clad gay men: "Once and for all, both my reader and I are completely comfortable with the content of Details. The guy behind these Stuff cartoons has raised homophobia to new heights. Now leave me alone, I'm in the middle of a waxing." [Page Six]
· Dr. Seuss gets litigious: Mitch and Doug Pollok, who run One Fish Two Fish on Madison Avenue and 97th Street, are being challenged by Dr. Seuss Enterprises for the right to use the name. [Page Six]
· Fired Us Weekly writer Lewis Beale: "I've been fired. You can ask the powers-that-be why. I'll miss a whole bunch of you. And heythere are worse things than getting fired in April. The pool in my complex opens on Memorial Day." [Page Six]
· Cindy Adams: "Guess who the Middle East's problems have upset? Plastic surgeons. Big-spender Arabs come here to have their two faces lifted. They've put off the trips." (Two faces lifted? Oooch.) [Cindy Adams]
· Chicago is now the highest grossing Miramax film ever at $157 million. [Liz Smith]
· Ben Stiller, on fan mail: "I pay a huge chunk of money to my agent and publicity people to shield me from my fan mail. I don't even want to know how many letters I get. I don't see fan mail as a good thing. It always makes me think of stalkers." [NY Daily News]

Radar preview

Gawker · 04/11/03 09:41AM

The Post's Keith Kelly gets a preview of Talk veteran Maer Roshan's soon-to-be-launched magazine, Radar, and notes that it's already taking swipes at other magazines. Media targets include Jann Wenner, Bonnie Fuller, and particularly Details editor Dan Peres. "Let's Get One Thing Straight," says one article, "Dan Peres, editor-in-chief of Details, is not gay. But his magazine sure seems to be."
Radar's attitude: more SPY than Vanity Fair [Keith Kelly - Post]