Billionaire Republican Who Mocked Hillary Clinton's Marriage Had an Ashley Madison Account

Sam Biddle · 08/27/15 01:55PM

A billionaire hedge fund investor and GOP donor who publicly mocked Hillary Clinton this year for being married to “a liar and a cheat” had an account on the cheating site Ashley Madison, according to data released by hackers calling themselves the Impact Team. The name and email address of Dan Loeb, founder of hedge fund Third Point LLC and prominent contributor to the Romney campaign, appear in the company’s database of users, and Loeb confirmed in a statement to Gawker that the account is authentic.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/18/09 07:12AM

Katie Holmes, actress and Bride of Scientology, turns 31 today. Hard-charging hedge fund manager Dan Loeb is turning 48. Brad Pitt turns 46. Steven Spielberg is turning 63. Christina Aguilera is celebrating her 29th birthday today. Dan Klores, the publicist turned documentary filmmaker, is marking his 60th. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is 52. Memorial Sloan-Kettering president (and Nobel Prize winner) Harold Varmus is turning 70. Troubled rapper DMX is 39. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is 66. Ray Liotta is turning 55. Model agency owner Faith Kates is 52. And former Miss USA Tara Conner is turning 24 today. A bunch of weekend birthdays is below.

Make No Mistake: Dan Loeb's Time Is Important

cityfile · 12/02/09 10:20AM

Back in September, we reported that Dan Loeb had been sued by the moving company that helped the hedge fund tycoon and his wife settle into their $45 million apartment at 15 Central Park West. The Observer has a follow-up to the story and reports the suit has been settled. The prickly financier agreed to pay $82,500 to make the case go away—a bit less than the $98,699 the moving company was demanding—mostly because Loeb couldn't stand the idea of wasting any more of his precious time sitting in court. [NYO, previously]

Make Room for the CEO and Billionaire, Please

cityfile · 12/01/09 08:32AM

Most people who show up at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade have to press up against thousands of other people to catch a glimpse of the spectacle; some have been known to turn up before sunrise to snag a choice spot. But some lucky folks got really lucky this year. Who, you ask? People like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and hedge fund mogul Dan Loeb, that's who.

Dan Loeb Makes His Move

cityfile · 09/29/09 10:24AM

Hedge fund mogul Dan Loeb paid $45 million for one of the city's poshest apartments last year, a 10,000-square-foot penthouse at 15 Central Park West. His move-in, however, didn't go so smoothly, it seems. It's unclear what took place precisely, but the moving company that Loeb and his wife Margaret hired to help them settle in, Auer's Moving & Rigging, filed a lawsuit against the couple in Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this year claiming breach of contract. (Panorama on the Park LLC, which is also listed as a defendant, is the company Loeb set up to acquire the property.) The high-end moving company is demanding that Loeb cough up the $98,689.07 which it says it's owed. Last week, though, an attorney for the Loebs responded to the suit by filing a motion to dismiss. So what went wrong? Was the prickly hedge fund manager's grand piano damaged by a faulty crane? Did a burly mover accidentally step on Biggie, the couple's miniature pinscher? The legal papers don't indicate why Loeb decided to withhold payment—let's hope that Biggie wasn't harmed—but you can review the documents for yourself below.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

cityfile · 06/16/09 09:20AM

"Investors say they are getting more promotional material from hedge funds than ever before, as funds seek to replenish assets withdrawn or lost because of negative performance during the financial crisis." Does this mean you may find Dan Loeb shoving a flyer under your door in the near future? Not necessarily. But you probably shouldn't rule it out either. [Reuters]

Dan Loeb Gets by With a Little Help From His Friends

cityfile · 05/13/09 07:58AM

Hedge fund manager Dan Loeb hasn't had the easiest time as of late. Heavy losses forced him to dismiss a number of employees at the end of 2008 and the $5 billion he managed a year ago had dwindled to $1.8 billion last month. But Loeb is nothing if not crafty and he's since come up with a handful of way to cut costs and raise cash. He started renting out his jet on an hourly basis a few months ago, and he put an extra $5.5 million in his pocket when he sold off his carriage house in the West Village back in March. And now he's done it again.

Dan Loeb Puts On a Brave Face

cityfile · 04/30/09 12:59PM

It's a good thing hedge fund manager Dan Loeb sold off his carriage house a couple of months ago and is now renting out his jet on an hourly basis. Despite some peppiness on his part, these are clearly tough times for the notoriously temperamental hedge funder. According to his most recent letter to investors, Loeb's firm, Third Point, is currently managing just $1.8 billion, down from more than $5 billion a year ago. And he's been forced to cut staff, too, although the people he kicked to the curb were accountants, techies, and admins, so it's not like it's a big deal or anything. Of course, if he gets really desperate, there are other ways to cut the fat. He could vow to never give fameseeker Julia Allison another free trip on his plane, starters. See? Scaling back in a recession isn't that hard, after all. [Zero Hedge]

Dan Loeb Sells, More Marc Rumors

cityfile · 03/19/09 07:20AM

• Good news for billionaire(?) Dan Loeb: His hedge fund may have seen better days, but he's $5.5 million richer now that he's successfully sold his carriage house at 7 MacDougal Alley to art gallery director Gordon Veneklasen. It's a tad less than the $7 million he was looking for back in October, but he still has that $45 million condo at 15 CPW, so you don't have to worry about Dan just yet. [Cityfile]
• So much for that rental at 40 Mercer: The Post now says the newly-engaged Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone may have picked up a 4,500-square-foot spread in the Robert A.M. Stern-designed Superior Ink development for $13 million. [NYP]
• Bruce Wilcox, an exec at Cumberland Associates, has put the townhouse at 125 East 62nd Street he bought for $8.5 million in 2005 on the market for $9.45 million. [Cityfile, Sotheby's]

More raiders at Yahoo's gates

Nicholas Carlson · 05/20/08 04:20PM

Carl Icahn's allies now control 31 percent of Yahoo. The latest to pile on: Dan Loeb of hedge fund Third Point LLC who plans to purchase 10 million Yahoo shares. [SAI]