Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/18/09 07:12AM

Katie Holmes, actress and Bride of Scientology, turns 31 today. Hard-charging hedge fund manager Dan Loeb is turning 48. Brad Pitt turns 46. Steven Spielberg is turning 63. Christina Aguilera is celebrating her 29th birthday today. Dan Klores, the publicist turned documentary filmmaker, is marking his 60th. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is 52. Memorial Sloan-Kettering president (and Nobel Prize winner) Harold Varmus is turning 70. Troubled rapper DMX is 39. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is 66. Ray Liotta is turning 55. Model agency owner Faith Kates is 52. And former Miss USA Tara Conner is turning 24 today. A bunch of weekend birthdays is below.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/18/08 07:43AM

This isn't an easy time for Dan Loeb. (The billionaire hedge funder was forced to start renting his Gulfstream jet by the hour recently.) But hopefully he'll get a chance to enjoy the big day: He turns 47 today. Others celebrating: Katie Holmes is turning 30. Brad Pitt is 45. Steven Spielberg is 62. Christina Aguilera is turning 28. PR guru/filmmaker Dan Klores is 59. Randi Weingarten is 51. Memorial Sloan-Kettering chief (and Nobel Prize winner) Harold Varmus is turning 69. Keith Richards is turning 65. Model agency owner Faith Kates is turning 51. Ray Liotta is 54. Former Miss USA Tara Conner is 23. And troublemaking rapper DMX is turning 38.

Pugach to Klores: Pay Up

cityfile · 07/24/08 07:27AM

Burt Pugach is the Queens man who hired a man to blind his girlfriend Linda by throwing acid in her face, went to prison for 14 years for his crime, and then remarried her after he was released. Dan Klores (left) is the PR titan-turned-filmmaker who secured rights to the couple's story and made the 2007 documentary Crazy Love, which earned critical acclaim and a slew of awards. It seems the mutually beneficial Pugach-Klores relationship has ended: Last week, Pugach—a disbarred ex-attorney—had his lawyers serve Klores with a $15 million lawsuit. The reason? Klores recently signed a deal with HBO to turn the documentary into a feature film. Pugach, naturally, wants a much bigger check for handing over the rights to his story. The entire lawsuit—including Pugach's claim that Klores attempted to woo him by shlepping Linda Fiorentino to their first meeting at the Shalimar Diner in Rego Park!—after the jump.

Way Smart Ex-PR Guru To Make Crazy Movie Version Of Crazy Documentary

Hamilton Nolan · 06/27/08 09:22AM

Dan Klores is the smartest man in PR. That's because he's not in PR any more. He founded his eponymous agency, which made (and still makes) him a ton of money, and then decided, "You know what? Fuck this shit. I'm gonna make movies." Now he spends all his time making (actually good!) documentaries and hosting soirees for various power brokers, without ever having to deal with the actual PR industry much. And he's about to move further up the entertainment industry food chain, because HBO has signed him to direct a movie version of his Believe-it-or-not psycho documentary Crazy Love. This, I will watch.

Dan Klores

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:34PM

The founder and chairman of the PR firm Dan Klores Communications, Klores is primarily focused on his filmmaking career these days.

David Letterman Grills Paris Hilton About Prison

abalk · 10/01/07 09:20AM

On Friday, socialite ex-con Paris Hilton sat down with David Letterman on "The Late Show." Paris wanted to promote her clothing line, her movie, and her perfume, but there was only one thing Letterman was interested in discussing: her life behind bars. As far as PR rehabilitations go, this was not at all like the smooth move that publicist Dan Klores pulled off when he set up Paris to go on "Saturday Night Live" to defuse the news of her sex tape.

Gossip Roundup: Star Jones' Much-Needed Farewell

Jessica · 06/27/06 11:55AM

• More confirmation on yesterday's rumor that Star Jones is on her way out at The View — she's got no new gigs lined up (shock), producers had been looking to give her the boot since the wedding freebies fiasco last fall (double shock), but Barbara Walters kept Jones around out of pity (unfuckingbelievable). The arrival of Rosie O'Donnell, however, sealed the deal, and Jones is off like an plus-sized prom dress. [Fox411]
And set your DVRs: Star's big farewell is allegedly on Friday. Actually, she announced it this morning. Alas, we were watching hot Brazilian men kick Ghana's ass. [Lowdown]
• Lohan's recent week in NYC was so hardcore — fights with Paris, late nights at Bungalow, tears and glasses thrown at promoters — that not even her stylist, Nate Newell, could handle it. After being flown out to keep Lohan company, he begged friends to get him home after the constant drama. Good riddance to him, too. Rachel Zoe would never pussy out like that. [Page Six]
• You won't see pictures of baby Suri because no one will pay for them. [IMDb]
• Elton John and hubby David Furnish are kicked out of Pharrell Williams' party in Milan by a security guard looking to bring in more women. If only he'd realized the lady-gems that had been sitting right before him. [R&M]
• Megapublicist Dan Klores tries his hand as a playwright. From one sort of fiction to another, we suppose. [Page Six]
• John Cusack seeks a restraining order against a stalker named Emily Leatherman. The surname really should have tipped everyone off. [TMZ]

Clarification: Dan Klores Will Never Let Go of Diddy

Jessica · 06/22/06 05:34PM

Yesterday we reported that after years of loyalty to the fuhrer flacks at Dan Klores, Diddy had hired PMK's Jill Fritzo as his new mouthpiece. Since then, Dan Klores' firm has had its collective panties in a tremendous bunch, as publicists are wont to do. After we agreed to update our item so as to make it very clear that the firm DKC would never, ever represent anyone on a retainer as small as $1K, DKC then wanted to be sure that it would not appear that any client would ever leave them. Thus Diddy, eager to flack for his flacks, has given the following statement: "Dan Klores Communications has represented me personally for many years, and that's not going to change. I have hired PMK to represent me as an artist, but the suggestion that they are replacing DKC is completely untrue."