The Return of the Montauk Grifter

John Cook · 06/07/12 12:22PM

Dan Kaufman—also known, variously, as Dan Kay, Dan Katze, and the Montauk Grifter—is currently awaiting trial in Manhattan on grand larceny charges for allegedly conning a tech company out of $20,000. He also faces hearings later this month in Brooklyn for probation violations relating to a prior grand larceny conviction for stealing credit card numbers. Both cases stem from his decade-long career as one of New York's most prolific and obsessive con-men—a career on which he routinely relied on online dating services to troll for victims. But his current legal troubles haven't stopped him from taking to OkCupid to dupe more unsuspecting women with extravagant lies. Look out ladies. He's back.

Six Fewer Starbucks for Midtown

cityfile · 07/18/08 12:01PM
  • Ten of the 600 Starbucks that will be shuttered in 2009 are in New York City; six of them are located in Midtown. [NYT]