Community As We Know It Is Over

Matt Toder · 05/18/12 11:38PM

News just broke that Sony has not extended the contract of Community showrunner Dan Harmon. Instead of signing him for two years at the end of season 2, as is customary, Harmon and Sony agreed to a one year deal and now that Community has been renewed, Harmon is out. Somewhere in Southern California, Chevy Chase is smiling.

Just Fire Chevy Chase

Louis Peitzman · 04/02/12 10:10PM

I have no trouble picking a side in the feud between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase. (Team Harmon, in case that wasn't immediately clear.) But inevitably, it doesn't matter: Chase did some things, Harmon said some things, Chase said some things back. Maybe they're both at fault, in which case I should probably be writing a more measured analysis of their beef.

Dan Harmon and Joel McHale Review Community's Ratings

Whitney Jefferson · 11/08/10 07:15PM

In this video, creator of Community and star of the show Joel McHale have a discussion about the show's ratings versus the amount of clothing Joel wears. Spoiler alert: it's revealed that Chevy Chase rarely remember his lines.