Valleywag party report: Google's Larry Page rocks the urban mullet

Nick Douglas · 09/12/06 04:35PM

Last night, I cheated my way into a book party for California-based writer and web publisher Arianna Huffington at the San Francisco guest house of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and romance novelist Melanie Craft Ellison. First lesson: Don't go to a society event dressed for a Silicon Valley geek party. Second lesson: F. Scott Fitzgerald was right, the rich are not like you and me.

Wine Camp: Glad you didn't go yet?

Nick Douglas · 05/30/06 09:30AM

To prove how X-TREEM bloggers roll (they camp! it's in-tents), joined-at-the-hip tech couple Chris Messina and Tara Hunt pulled a gaggle of geeks out to Winecamp this weekend for some roughing-it fun. (By roughing it, I mean their Macs weren't connected to the Internet.) Embedded reporter Dan Fost (pictured) reports at the SF Chronicle's tech blog: