Indiana Student Pulls "Too Slow" Handshake on Ted Cruz 

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/03/16 09:28AM

Ted Cruz is not having a great time campaigning in Indiana, one of the few states standing between Trump and the nomination, where protesters have been mercilessly mocking him with insults and fake-out handshakes.

Damn That's a Lot of Bees

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/02/15 11:30PM

Cops in Montana had to let the driver of this Final Destination-looking motor vehicle go with just a ticket last week. Turns out the state legislature, for some strange reason, never thought to write laws governing the voluntary transportation of thousands of bees in the backseat of a sedan.

Security Footage Shows Woman Torching Car After Being Denied Cigarette

Taylor Berman · 04/29/15 11:00AM

Yesterday, police arrested a woman who allegedly set a car on fire at a Jerusalem gas station after she was reportedly refused a cigarette. Security footage from the station shows the woman talking to a man pumping gas. After apparently asking him a question—several Israeli news outlets report she asked for a cigarette—she walks away, pauses, and walks back to set the man’s car ablaze.

Murdered Philippine Politician Snapped Photo of His Assassin

Jeff Neumann · 01/04/11 08:32AM

Early in the morning on New Year's Day, a Philippine politician took a snapshot of his family outside their home. Seconds later, he was shot and killed by a gunman, who was also captured in the picture aiming a pistol.

Those Twelve Billion Old Spice Ads Really Worked

Hamilton Nolan · 07/27/10 04:01PM

Though we would all like to think that saturation-style ad campaigns which blanket the media to the point that they begin to annoy even casual viewers would not lead to business success, alas, sometimes they do. Old Spice man. Yes.