The New New Bristol Palin Pregnancy Conspiracy Theory, Explained

Allie Jones · 01/06/16 03:21PM

Bristol Palin gave birth to her second child, a girl named Sailor Grace, on December 23, 2015. That’s what Sarah Palin wants you to believe, say truthers. Yes, with the birth of a new Palin baby comes the birth of a new conspiracy theory. In brief: Palin truthers claim Bristol is lying about when she gave birth in order to cover up the fact that her pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand.

Hero Marine Sues Defense Giant After Sniper Scope Fight

Wired · 11/29/11 07:30PM

Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer is perhaps this country's best-recognized war hero, a man who risked his life over and over again to save his buddies from a Taliban ambush. That's why he's the only living Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor - the nation's highest award for valor - for his actions in Afghanistan or Iraq. It's undoubtedly one reason why the defense giant BAE Systems hired Meyer after he left the Corps.

Obama Grabs a Beer With New Medal of Honor Recipient

Max Read · 09/14/11 06:55PM

You know when you get into an unfamiliar city for some stupid work thing and you're desperately trying to remember who you know who lives there? That apparently happened with 23-year-old Marine veteran Dakota Meyer, whose "stupid work thing" tomorrow is "being awarded the Medal of Honor." So he did what any self-respecting living Medal of Honor recipient would (there have only been two since Vietnam): He called the president.