Now Is Good: Dakota Fanning's Last Rights

Leah Beckmann · 03/09/12 06:30PM

Oof, what a clunker this one promises to be. Here's the trailer for Oliver Parker's A Walk to Remember Here on Earth Now Is Good, the sopping wet saga about a 17-year-old girl living with chronic leukemia, desperately trying to "do everything as fast as [she] can" before the end.

Jay-Z Says Kanye Is an Absurdly Annoying Control Freak

Maureen O'Connor · 11/14/11 11:17AM

Jay-Z confirms your suspicions about Kanye West. Brad Pitt wants to quit acting in "three years." Demi Lovato goes to a wedding and catches the bouquet. Lindsay Lohan returns to the nightlife scene. Monday gossip gets upstaged.

Madonna on Boytoys: 'More Than Just Sexual, Um, Appendages'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/10/11 11:28AM

Madonna explains what she looks for in a lover. Cuba Gooding's gay makeout partner speaks. Mariah Carey doesn't feel pretty unless she can "feel my bones." Kim Kardashian's former publicist stabs in her the back. Thursday gossip tells all.

It's Still Fashion Week and It Is Still Amazing

Brian Moylan · 09/13/11 04:40PM

You may not give a flying caftan that it's still Fashion Week, but all the very fashionable people and retail stores and models and kids who go to FIT care, so we have to appease them with some photos of the goings on, don't we? Yes, we certainly do.

Emma Watson Can't Get a Date to Save Her Life

Maureen O'Connor · 06/08/11 10:30AM

Emma Watson's love life is lacking. Lady Gaga'a bodyguard beats up a fan. Suri Cruise's shoe collection is worth $150K. Chris Evans admits he is balding. Wednesday gossip intimidates men.

Which Celebrities Should We Send to Starve in a Jungle?

Richard Lawson · 02/16/11 04:41PM

First, a Survivor question! After that, there is so much pilot casting news today it's hard to know what to do with it! Some of it is very exciting (Summer Roberts!) and some of it less so (Donna Pinciotti as Chelsea Handler), but absolutely all of it is need-to-know. Or not. Whatever. Here it is.

Dakota Fanning Is a Horrible Athlete

nightintern · 06/22/10 02:28PM

Dakota Fanning is a great actress, but she's a horrible athlete—that's what she told Jay Leno on yesterday's Tonight Show, at least. Does this remind anyone else of the Full House episode where Michelle plays soccer? Video inside.

The CFDA Awards: A Virtual Party Report

Brian Moylan · 06/08/10 11:51AM

We were far too busy watching the season finale of Nurse Jackie to attend the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards last night at Lincoln Center. But fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern was there taking plenty of notes!

Justin and Cameron: Falling Back in Love?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/11/10 09:18AM

They're "laughing and flirting" now—when will they start canoodling? Suri Cruise hits the bottle to mask depression. Jon Gosselin entertains another TV show. Tiger Woods mistress #15. Catherine Zeta-Jones' bones. Sunday's gossip roundup is highly suspicious.

The Sexualization of Dakota Fanning is Complete, and It's Scary

Matt Cherette · 03/18/10 02:55AM

So... Dakota Fanning. You know, that cute, innocent little actress. Isn't she so cute and innocent? Not anymore! Fanning was on Late Night tonight, wearing a too-short dress and discussing "steamy" lesbian scenes in The Runaways. This is not OK.