Jon Stewart Points Out NJ Governor Chris Christie's Ideological Hypocrisy

Matt Toder · 06/27/12 10:27PM

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's pot decriminalization bill may be all but dead but the issue is still alive in New Jersey where the state legislature is considering the idea. All that stands in the way is the promise of a veto from Governor Chris Christie, who won't go against federal drug policy. And that's funny because he's perfectly willing to flout federal gambling policies.

Jon Stewart Dissects More Fox News Hypocrisy Over Fast and Furious

Matt Toder · 06/26/12 10:38PM

It's no surprise that the pundits on the right are going after Obama over Fast and Furious and his executive order but their continued outlandish hypocrisy over the issue has really drawn the ire of Jon Stewart. On tonight's Daily Show, he continued to pound home the right's—Fox News' in particular—hypocritical stance on the issue.

Which Presidential Candidate Is Better At Pandering to Latino Voters?

Matt Toder · 06/25/12 10:28PM

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney spoke at the NALEO conference last week just before the Supreme Court's decision about Arizona's controversial immigration laws. So who did a better job of getting his message across? On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke it down.

Jon Stewart Laments Obama's Executive Privilege Hypocrisy

Matt Toder · 06/21/12 10:30PM

With seemingly no other option but fessing up to the Fast and Furious program, President Obama has exerted executive privilege over various documents. If only Obama, and many others on the left, hadn't come out completely against the practice when George W. Bush pulled the same thing five years ago. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke it all down.

Jon Stewart Loves Fox News' Drastic Reaction to Putin's Body Language

Matt Toder · 06/20/12 10:33PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a look at the little flap caused by the chilly body language between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. While CNN was busy wondering whether or not there was even a story here, Fox News was up to their usual antics: taking a few out of context clips and comparing them to Ronald Reagan's actions.

Jon Stewart Details Another Attempt By Fox News to Mischaracterize Obama's Policies

Matt Toder · 06/19/12 10:43PM

President Obama's recent immigration initiatives have made the Republicans super mad - when they aren't decrying the move as political pandering, they are characterizing it as a gross misuse of executive power. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart examined some recent attempts by Fox News to mischaracterize Obama's stance.

Jon Stewart Examines the Silliness of Jamie Dimon's Senate Testimony

Matt Toder · 06/14/12 10:30PM

Recently, J.P Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon traveled to Washington DC to explain his company's massive losses to the Senate banking committee. Problem is a lot of those guys are getting campaign donations from J.P. Morgan. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart broke it all down.

Jon Stewart Explains the Life Cycle of the Political Gaffe

Matt Toder · 06/11/12 10:28PM

The political gaffe, once something that had the power to ruin careers and destroy campaigns, can now come and go in a single day. Since that's exactly what happened with something President Obama said the other day, Jon Stewart took a moment on tonight's Daily Show to take us through the life cycle of the political gaffe.

Jon Stewart Was Highly Amused By CNN's Coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Matt Toder · 06/04/12 10:31PM

In order to properly cover the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, CNN went with wall to wall coverage that provided ample opportunity for Piers Morgan and the other commentators to gush about all the boats and the way they turned and other various non-events. CNN was so committed to the event, they didn't even break away when that horrible plane crash in Nigeria occurred. On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart recapped their coverage and was highly amused.

Jon Stewart Isn't Wild About Mike Bloomberg's Soda Ban

Matt Toder · 05/31/12 10:28PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart expressed some concerns over Mayor Mike Bloomberg's soda ban. The problem, as Stewart sees it, is that killing ourselves through terrible diets is basically a New York tradition, and until someone puts a limit on the amount of roast beef we can shovel down our throats, we should at least be able to wash it all down.