Howard Kurtz's Shocking Revelation: He Can't Read

Tom Scocca · 05/01/13 04:29PM

How does multi-platform conflict-machine Howard Kurtz crank out so much coverage, people wonder? Maybe it's easier to write a lot of media criticism if you don't read the media you're criticizing. So today Kurtz finds—for two different outlets—a dark shadow in the sunny coverage of NBA player Jason Collins' decision to come out as gay: Collins was at one point engaged to a woman.

The Hagfish Strikes Again

John Cook · 10/18/12 01:00PM

Well, that's it for Newsweek. Celebu-editor and royal gravedigger Tina Brown announced this morning on the web site of the Daily Beast that the magazine's print edition will not survive the year. That's not all Brown's fault, of course. Newsweek is not the first magazine to abandon print, and it will by no means be the last. Tina Brown didn't kill Newsweek. She just killed its credibility.

Chiefs of Staff Are the Hottest New Rich Person Accessory

Adrian Chen · 12/05/11 12:10PM

Chelsea Clinton gave what appears to be her first-ever interview to the New York Times. And we were surprised to learn that the 31-year-old has a "chief of staff." She's not the only one. Ultra-Rich People Trend Alert!

NewsBeast Retracts False Quote of Pelosi Slamming Obama Advisers

Jim Newell · 10/03/11 04:14PM

Some tough words from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) about President Obama and his team's communications strategy was raising eyebrows in Washington Monday morning, but that was before Pelosi disavowed the quote and Newsweek's Daily Beast admitted a mistake and retracted it.

Tina Brown Embarrassed Herself on TV This Morning

Brian Moylan · 07/06/11 11:55AM

Daily Beast and Newsweek commander Tina Brown was an utter embarrassment on Morning Joe today. It wasn't because she was talking about her horrific Zombie Princess Di cover again. It was that she failed to do the most rudimentary thing before going on live television: shut off her cell phone.

Tina Brown Sees Nothing Wrong with Freakish Zombie Diana

Richard Lawson · 06/29/11 01:11PM

NewsweekBeast editor Tina Brown was on Morning Joe this, uh, morning and was asked about the controversial new Newsweek issue that imagines Princess Diana at 50 if she were still alive, complete with a creepy Photoshop on the cover. Despite the criticism, Tina still likes it!

Tina Brown's Cleavage and Other Terrifying Tales of Media Machinations

John Cook · 05/06/11 02:51PM

In your hijacked Friday media column: Tina Brown has breasts and used to do it, sexually speaking, to Martin Amis; the Washington Post Co. falls from the profit curve; Robin Roberts may or may not be too tall for morning television, and Howard Kurtz once again acquits himself with the dignity and effortless charisma we've come to expect from him.