Aaron Sorkin's Daddy Issue

Jack Dickey · 07/18/12 04:25PM

The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin's new television show for HBO, has a lot of obvious problems, dissected at length here and elsewhere. But the show at least nailed its reverence for broadcast journalism of yore, if you believe official Gawker Newsroom episode recapper Dan Rather. Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, and, yes, Rather: they were newsmen, the show argues from the opening credits. Today's anchors are pundits and airheads.

What Is Lachlan Murdoch Building in There?

John Cook · 11/30/09 12:58PM

Is Lachlan Murdoch gearing up for an Oedipal struggle with the media-titan father who cut him out of the family business and exiled him to Australia? And if not, then why on earth is he buying the Hollywood Reporter?

Blanket Baby Daddy Mystery Deepens, Needs To Stop

Andrew Belonsky · 08/31/09 12:06AM

Once in a great while a mystery will come along and captivate the world. Who shot JFK? Who shot Mr. Burns? And now, who shot it to make Michael Jackson's youngest child, "Blanket?"

Barack Obama Reels From Scarlett Johansson Paternity Claim

STV · 05/08/08 12:40PM

Congratulations go out this morning to Paste Magazine, winners of the race to reclaim Scarlett Johansson as the precocious nubile muse we knew and loved prior to this week's grim news of her engagement to marry... never mind. What's important here are her "Five Dads" pervily cited in the magazine's new cover story — Woody Allen, Bill Murray, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and, ahem, Barack Obama. After the jump, if you have the stomach for it, see if you can match the pop culture father figure to Scarlett's eyelash-batting, daughterrific praise. (Bonus points if you can accurately guess which one will give her away! It's even harder than Mamma Mia!)