ISIS Is the Alt-Right

Brendan O'Connor · 08/01/16 01:20PM

The newest issue of the Islamic State magazine Dabiq hit digital news stands on Monday, with front of book stories on “Why We Hate You & Why We Fight You” and the “Near-Extinction of the Western Woman.” The feature essay, “Break the Cross,” is a lengthy critique and repudiation of Christian and Jewish theology. “Why do you disbelieve in the signs of Allah?” Dabiq asks. “Be assured, Allah witnesses what you do.” The nonprofit Clarion Project notes that this is the first issue addressed to non-Muslims and potential converts.

ISIS Magazine Confirms Death of "Jihadi John"

Sam Biddle · 01/19/16 04:13PM

The latest issue of Dabiq, the Town & Country of the bloodthirsty would-be caliphate, just arrived. Included, along with the usual rote propagandizing and tasteful page layouts, is an obituary for the masked militant known as Jihadi John, whose video executions helped make ISIS a household name in terror.

Paris Massacre Mastermind Bragged About Infiltrating Europe in February Interview

Sam Biddle · 11/19/15 11:35AM

ISIS isn’t just a sprawling paramilitary terrorist organization, it’s also a media company, with digital and print publications reaching a global audience. Its flagship publication is Dabiq, the Vogue of global jihad. In its February 2015 issue, the chief suspect in the recent assault on Paris sat down for an interview and made his intentions obvious.