Obama's Address, MSNBC's Faux Pas, CW Renewals

cityfile · 02/25/09 11:23AM

• President Obama's first Congressional address drew in 33.6 million viewers last night, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen. [ML]
• It was Chris Matthews who muttered "Oh, God" on MSNBC last night, right when Bobby Jindal was about to deliver the Republican response. [Politico]
• Fourth-quarter profit declined 77 percent at the Washington Post Co. [NYT]
• Remember the DABA Girls? Yea, well, much of what they told the Times was BS, which is why the paper issued a correction today. [Newsweek, NYT]
• The CW has renewed a bunch of shows, including 90210, Smallville, America's Next Top Model, and—most importantly—Gossip Girl. [Variety]
• Ex-Domino editor Deborah Needleman is "spending more time at the gym" in order to acquire "one of those Connecticut-housewife bodies," FYI. [MM]
Jared Kushner may be cutting a deal to sell the Observer at Starbucks. [NYP]

Banker-Daters Begin Their Descent

cityfile · 01/30/09 01:19PM

Looks like things have taken a turn for the worse for the ladies of DABA (or "Dating a Banker Anonymous") who made such a splash—and created such controversy—this week thanks to an absurd story about them in the New York Times. Following yesterday's revelation that the whole thing might have just been an elaborate hoax to score a book deal, today comes word that one of the site's founders, Laney Crowell (left), has been fired from her job at Stylecaster for "being on the phone with her new agent."

Wall Street Widows Find Strength Together

cityfile · 01/28/09 08:36AM

The women who bravely gave up their anonymity to appear in today's Times story about the "support group" they belong to, Dating a Banker Anonymous? Presumably they did so knowing that they would catch some flak from ignorant people who just don't appreciate the unique trauma of having "your monthly Bergdorf's allowance" halved, and should be applauded all the more for that. After all, have you walked in their $450 shoes from last season?