Explosion Rocks Prague, Injuring 40 and Lindsay Lohan's Doppleganger

Max Read · 04/29/13 07:10AM

Over 40 people, and this one woman who looks just like Lindsay Lohan, were injured after an apparent natural-gas explosion rocked central Prague on Monday, causing the evacuation of several nearby buildings. Only four were seriously hurt in the blast, and there are no reports of fatalities.

Guy Shoots Czech President With Pellet Gun, Walks Away, Gives TV Interview

Adrian Chen · 10/01/12 05:27PM

The Czechs take their presidential security a bit less seriously than we do in the U.S. Above is a video of some dude just walking up to Czech President Vaclav Klaus at a public event this past Friday and shooting in the arm a half-dozen times with a toy gun. What's more, Klaus' security entourage let him walk away, arresting him only after he gave an interview about why he shot the president.

Ad: Banking Is Just Like Having an Orgasm

Lauri Apple · 10/21/11 06:26AM

The Czech bank Komerční Banka isn't just "a universal bank providing a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking"—it's also a place where you can have satisfying sexual experiences, as this ad proves. The woman featured here just opened up a bank account that charges a low maintenance fee. Just imagine what taking out a loan is like.

Czech Citizens Send Pen-Filching President Thousands of Pens

Adrian Chen · 04/14/11 12:21PM

Czech president Vaclav Klaus embarrassed his country by stealing a pen during an official signing ceremony. But the Czech people have risen up admirably to mock him: More than 5,000 Czechs have signed up on Facebook to mail Klaus pens. According to the Facebook page, participants will send the presidential office writing implements on May 2 because "Mr. president obviously has nothing to write with." [via Daily What; image via AP]

Sneaky Czech President Steals Other President's Pen

Maureen O'Connor · 04/12/11 03:17PM

Inspecting video from a meet and greet between Czech President Vaclav Klaus and Chilean leader Sebastian Pinera, a Czech TV show noticed their president inspecting a fancy pen, then surreptitiously pocketing it with a guilty look on his face.