Cocksure President Obama Simply Ignoring 'Czar' Cuts

Jim Newell · 04/18/11 11:26AM

President Obama pledged not to attach any signing statements, or little notes saying you'll ignore certain legislative language on constitutional grounds, to new laws back when he was a candidate. He broke that pledge in about two seconds. And in his latest signing statement — appended to the just-passed budget deal to fund the government through September — Obama announced that he's just going to ignore that bit of legislative language defunding his "czars," a terribly Russian term for "advisers."

Meet the Next "Czar" Target

Pareene · 09/24/09 02:47PM

You will soon be hearing a lot about Barack Obama's "Safe Schools Czar." His name is Kevin Jennings, and you will learn that he wants to promote homosexuality, he hates God, and he does drugs.

Everyone Shut Up About Czars

Pareene · 09/09/09 03:22PM

Just for the record, and so you can point this out yourself when someone starts shouting about it, there are hardly any "Czars," and what "Czars" there are are mostly powerless and uncontroversial.