How a Massive Online War Waged by Dutch 'Spammers' in a Military Bunker Could Take Down the Internet

Max Read · 03/27/13 11:00AM

If your Netflix has been slow lately, it's because of a bunch of pissed-off Dutch guys in a five-story bunker. A massive online war between a web hosting company based out of a NATO bunker in Holland and an international anti-spam organization has spilled over to the rest of the internet, causing widespread delays—and potentially escalating to the point where email and online banking could become inaccessible.

NATO Is Scared of Anonymous

Max Read · 06/01/11 08:53PM

Thanks to its recent attacks on the Chamber of Commerce and security firm HBGary, anarchic hacker collective Anonymous has popped up on the radar of NATO, which worries that the cheeto-fingered dorks "could potentially hack into sensitive government, military, and corporate files." (Just kidding about the cheetos, guys! Don't hack us!)

Lockheed Martin Victim of Hack Attack

Max Read · 05/29/11 03:55PM

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin was the victim of a "significant and tenacious" attack on its network last week, but that the system was secure and the hackers warded off. The Pentagon — Lockheed's biggest customer — is helping the company investigate the attack, which Lockheed says is "part of a pattern of frequent attacks on it from around the world." Our guess? It's the same guy who uploaded the dick pic to Anthony Weiner's Twitter account. [Reuters]