The Gawker Guide to Fall Television

Brian Moylan · 09/01/11 12:06PM

The days will soon get shorter, the weather will get colder, and you'll soon have actual things to do at your job now. The end of summer sucks, doesn't it? But at least there's going to be all sorts of new stuff on television! Let's look at everything that will give us a glimmer of hope this fall.

Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass Tries Mixing Business with Pleasure

John Siegel · 02/07/11 11:55PM

With the impending sale of Bass Industries, Chuck tries to insert himself in the company's business. Coincidentally, he has also been inserting himself into the daughter of the man buying Bass Industries. What a tangled business web Chuck has woven.

Gossip Girl Takes a Trip To Connecticut and the Past

nightintern · 12/07/10 12:33AM

Juliet's manipulation of Serena into a mental hospital has the Gossip Girl gang delving into Serena's past. In Connecticut, Dan and Blair investigate Serena's history with Juliet. In the hospital, Serena searches her past for where she went wrong.

And America's Next Top Model is...

Adrian Muniz · 12/01/10 10:09PM

Don't know if it was the Italian Vogue shoot or the meeting with IMG but tonight's ANTM actually felt like a real modeling competition! But then Tyra came onscreen, she crowned a winner, and here's how we felt about it.

Gossip Girl May Have Stolen Serena's Kidneys

nightintern · 11/29/10 10:52PM

The last episode of Gossip Girl ended badly for Serena Van Der Woodsen. This week begins poorly for Serena as she wakes up drugged in a sleazy Queens motel. And, if urban legends are true, her kidneys are probably gone.

Is ANTM's Ann the next Carrie White?

Adrian Muniz · 10/28/10 12:00AM

On tonight's episode of Top Model, Ann made us all wonder if maybe she isn't ready to become a supermodel. After all, some people just can't handle the spotlight. Just ask the Bates High senior class. Oh wait, you can't...

ANTM: Conveyor Belts + Four-Inch Stilletos = Hilarity

Adrian Muniz · 10/07/10 09:45AM

This season of Top Model is supposed to be about high fashion. But as you all know, where there's a high theres always undoubtedly a low. With that in mind, watch as every single contestant tumbles during their runway challenge.

Welcome to Nikita, Where Every Fight Is Just Foreplay

Emily Chen · 10/01/10 12:00AM

Things are really picking up on Nikita these days as more of her past is revealed. However, the plot isn't the only thing heating up the small screen as Michael shows his best student some of his moves.

Gossip Girl Bids Adieu To Chuck Bass

nightintern · 09/13/10 09:52PM

While the season premiere of Gossip Girl had exotic locales, scandalous extravagance, illegitimate infants, and cat fights, Chuck Bass was missing in action. The ending presented a healthy serving of Bass and explained his whereabouts since being shot. Video inside.

Gossip Girl: Dead Man's Party

Brian Moylan · 05/18/10 11:52AM

The cliffhangers on last night's season finale of Gossip Girl were almost enough to get you to tune in next year, weren't they? But before we get to resolution in the future, let's find some closure with the past.

Gossip Girl: Scheming Is Free

Brian Moylan · 05/11/10 12:15PM

Oh, the Byzantine mechanics these Upper East Side scamps employ to enact their social schemes. There was lying, cheating, and stealing last night, but all in the name of good. Actually, it was more in the name of stupid.

Gossip Girl: Daddy Issues

Brian Moylan · 05/04/10 12:22PM

Like Hamlet and Maury, Gossip Girl is often about paternity. Is he my father? Is he not my father? Is my new dad poisoning my mother? Who's your daddy? So many important questions, so few DNA tests.